Three Ways To find A Good China OBD 2 Connector Supplier

OBD2 Connectors are various , but how to find the good obd ii connectors ,if you want to find the  car scanner connectors supplier you can go to alibaba to look for the supplies .

First you can Google on the internet ,you may see the china connectors ,such as and other company , you may also find the website in china who supply the car scanners , they also provide the connectors.

Let me give your a example ,

The GM Tech 2 connector :

The connector is very cheap so they often provide it in wholesale,usually they delivery them by ems or DHL, you can get it in one week.

Some OBDii connector images:

obd ii connector

obd ii connector

The OBD 2 Connector can connect the car scanner with your computer.The connector’s usb you should know well ,Popular OBD2 Connector list here:

EEPROM SOIC 8pin 8CON Cable For Tacho Universal

81 PIN ECU OBD F and DC OBD Pins


OBDIIF to Opel 10 Pin Male

BD9F To Opel 10 Pin Male Car Cables

BD9 Female to Fiat

OBD2 Female to BMW20

OBD2 Female to BENZ 38 Pin


Autoscanner OBDII Fault Code Reader U912 Scanner

Autocom for Truck with Full set of Cables

Autocom for Car with Full set of Cables

OBDII To BENZ Sprinter


OBDII-16 Connector

DB9 Female to OBDII-16 Pin

All the OBD ii connector are popular in china. Good connector for good cars so when you begin to choose the car connector,you should find some information about the obd ii connectors.

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