AK300 key programmer Technology use Tips

To use the ak 300 key programmer you should know the technology parameters of the scanner.

AK300 key programmer which can be usd in your bmw car ,The AK300 key programmer  can check your car fault code can you can use it for CAS system key programmer.

AK300,AK300 CAS key Maker, AK300 CAS key programmer special for bmw

AK300 features
1 BMW CAS supports a diagnosis of communication directly through the OBD port or through the CAS BUS port security to read
and write data EEPROM;
2 automatic analysis CAS data, automatically displays the BMW keys to use quantity; key tooth number; remote control frequency;
CAS with the DME synchronization ID; keys scrapped the state, etc
3 supports key scrapped or restart using the old key; this technology unmatched global technology
4 supporting the rehabilitation of CAS computer (due to transfer table is damaged or programming lock);
5 supports the new 2001-2009 BMW CAS; CAS2; CAS3; CAS3+
6 support the horse CAS; CAS 2; CAS 3; CAS 3 + BMW and BMW remote key;

To read and write the world’s first three models of BMW CAS system
1 OBD-11 (K Line) diagnostic communication port
2 OBD-11 (CAS BUS) diagnostic communication port
3 BDM port

You can see this video to know more about the AK300 key programmer:



Know more about auto key programmer Here you can see:

car key programmer that works with dozens of cars made, also owing some purposely-designed car key  maker for BMW and Mercedes Benz, like AK300 BMW CAS key maker, AK90 BMW EWS key programmer, AK500 programmer both for Mercedes Benz and BMW.

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