Step by Step for Toyota ITIS3 OBD Scanner Use

Find a obd2 scanner is difficult , find the cheap price Toyota ITIS3 is also difficult .So where to find the best Toyota ITIS3  scanner?

Before you choose the Toyota ITIS 3 you should know how to work with this car diagnostic tool , first have a quick lookt at this images:

Toyota ITIS3Toyota ITIS3Toyota ITIS3Toyota ITIS3


These are the list of the Toyota ITIS3 pictures,but do you know the main function of the scanner ? how to use the Toyota ITIS3 tool?


Toyota has turned operational excellence into a strategic weapon not merely through Tacho Pro 2008 tools and quality improvement methods but a deeper business philosophy rooted in understanding of people and what motivates them. Its success is ultimately based on its ability to develop leaders, build teams, and nurture a supportive culture, to devise strategy, to build deep supplier relationships, and to maintain a learning organization.


You can do by yourself to make the Toyota ITIS 3 work well .

First , keep the power one and to use the ITIS3,

Second , Install the CD Player to make this software of the Toyota ITIS 3 suit to the scanner.

Third , follow this manual of the Toyota ITIS 3 which can be helpful to understand the Toyota ITIS use.

Six good feature of the Toyota ITIS :

– Adopt 16 digit Dual Cell specialize CPU, Full compliant with all vehicles
– Use standard 802.11b/g WIFI wireless,connect easy to network, or
connect to Laptop to realize wireless diagnosis.
– Diagnostic software accord with international standard, collocate
communication port flexibly, less connectors support almost all vehicles
– Self-determination design for connectors and cables.
– Compliant with 12V and 24V communication, Support heavy duty vehicles.
– Hardware accord with CE and FCC standard.

After install the software and connect the all the cables to the Toyota ITIS , then you can use this scanner easy .

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