Tips of fixing car – how do you fix windshield wipers

To most of use , fix a car may be some difficult so ,how to fix the windsheld wipers? where to find the useful way to fix your car .
There are always differen’t kinds of problems for us to fix a car , so Here I will the you an example for fixing windshield wipers.
In order to achieve comfort in driving, take the time to check the performance of your car windshield wipers regularly. Starting from examining a series of wipers work, with flush windshield first then activate your windshield wipers. Then check the performance optimization of wiper electrical motor and also the elasticity of the rubber wiper.


Another problem that often occurs on the car windshield wipers are in the form of slow movement, though still functioning. If the windshield wipers on your car is experiencing problems like these, you can inspect the damage as follows:

  • Components of resistance in the coil, which led to large current successor in dirty conditions. To fix it, immediately remove these components and clean it carefully. The cause this component become dirty is due to dust and corrosion.
  • Ankle shaft windscreen wiper jammed. If the problem occurred because of the mild corrosion on that part, can be repaired by spraying liquid 4wd. However, if the corrosion is severe, how to fix it would be more difficult. That had to remove the section by force, and re welded in to restore function to normal.
  • Contact button has jammed. This problem can be detected by integrating positive and negative electric wires in the circuit outside the contact button. If the union of positive and negative electricity causes sparks, and the section moves, so can be concluded that problem is the contact button jammed. So the contacts button should be replaced with new ones.
  • Components of the electric motor was damaged. If examination of the circuit has been done, but the windscreen wiper movement remains slow, then the allegation is the largest potential problem with the electric motor components. For this problem you need to shop dynamo, to repair damage to the electric motor components.
  • Drop out fuses. Fuse was enabled to break the electrical current, in case of electrical short circuiting. Drop out fuse will cause the windshield wipers to be not moving, because there is no electrical current. After replacing the fuse, make sure also that there was no damage to electrical flow. Because if still damaged will make the fuses drop out again.
  • Relations were damaged circuit wires. How to check is to use a screwdriver test pen (existing indicator lamp). Take a positive electrical cable, which is usually red. If one cable to make a screwdriver test pen lit, while others cable are not, it can be concluded that there is a cable that was damaged or broken.
  • Damage to gear windscreen wiper. Usually on the wiper gear was damaged after prolonged usage. How to fix it can only be done by replacing them with new ones.
If all the steps of checking on car windshield wiper above already done, but the movement wiper remained slow, you can decide to bring your car to the car repair shop, by explaining to the car repair shop that already checked independently by yourself also.

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