Ways to use the OM520 OBD2 Scanner

OBDMATE OM520 is the latest OBD 2 Scanner ,you may know many famous car scanners.But have you ever heard the OBDMATE OM520?

You can see the car scanner here:



Let me give you a simple introduction of the OM520 OBD2 Scanner .Here is the easy way to use the car scanner you can see.

First , how the OM520 OBD2 Scanner Read Fault codes?

-Stored codes are also known as “hard codes” or “permanent codes”.
These codes cause the control module to illuminate the malfunction
indicator lamp (MIL) when an emission-related fault occurs.
-Pending Codes are also referred to as “maturing codes” or “continuous
monitor codes”. They indicate problems that the control module has
detected during the current or last driving cycle, but are not considered
yet. Pending Codes will not turn on the malfunction indicator
lamp (MIL). If the fault does not occur within a certain number of warm-
up cycles, the code clears from memory.
1) Use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select Read Codes from the Diagnostic
Menu and press ENTER.
2) Use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select Stored Codes or Pending Codes
from the Fault Codes menu and press ENTER.
-If there are no Diagnostic Trouble Codes present, the display indicates
“No (pending) codes are stored in the module!” Wait a few seconds or
press any key to return to the Diagnostic Menu.
3) View DTCs and their definitions on screen.
-The control module number, sequence of the DTCs, total number of
codes detected and type of codes (Generic of Manufacturer specific)
will be observed on the upper right hand corner of the display.
If more than one DTC is found, use the UP/DOWN scroll button, as necessary,
until all the codes have been viewed

-If retrieved DTCs contain any manufacturer specific or enhanced codes,
a “Manufacturer specific codes are found! Press any key to select
vehicle make!” message comes up prompting you to select vehicle
manufacturer to view DTC definitions. Use the UP/DOWN scroll button
to select manufacturer and then press ENTER to confirm.
-If the manufacturer for your vehicle is not listed, use the UP/DOWN
scroll button to select “Other” and press ENTER.

Second , how the OM520 OBD2 Scanner View Data Stream

The OBD II Scan Tool is a special diagnostic tool that communicates
with the vehicle’s computer. The Scan Tool lets you view “real-time”
Live Data. This information includes values (volts, rpm, temperature,
and actuators.
system status, etc.)

Supported Data List
1) Use the UP/DOWN scroll buttons to select Supported Data List from the
View Data Stream and press ENTER.

2) To view live PIDs on the screen. Use the UP/DOWN scroll button for more
PIDs if an or arrow appears on the screen.

-If you want to view the full name of the highlighted PID, press the Help
-If the “G” icon appears when a PID is highlighted, graphic information is
available. Press ENTER to view.

3) Press EXIT to return to previous menu

The two ways you should remember that you have known them clearly so that you can use the OBDMATE OM520 rightly.

The OEM 520 car scanner you use don’t need to make all the ways clearly , but like other obd2 scanner, before you use the tool , make understood that you know the OEM 520 car scanner use ways clearly.


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