where to find the Nissan 14 Pin cable

In OBD 2 ,there are many different kinds of  car diagnostic tool cable ,so where to find the nissan 14 pin cable? how is this cable like ,and what is the quality of the cable ,so first  I will introduce to you about the nissan 14 pin cable.

You can see the cable from here:

Nissan 14 Pin cableNissan 14 Pin cable

If you want to look for a good obd 2 cable,first you should check the cable connector ,why because the connector of the cable is the most important part of the obd 2 cable. and you can see the Nissan 14 Pin cable.This cable is black color and the line is in good quality.

Second , when you check the cable , you should check the computer that you must keep the computer work well ,so that you can make the cable work in the right way.

Third , If you don’t use the Nissan 14 Pin cable,leave it behind so that you keep the cable in good condition.

Diagnostic Connector particularly designed for the nominated models with proper function. Such as TOYOTA Mongoose, OPeL KM Tool, Vag commander, BMW INPA, it is so cute for your owner cars.

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