Porsche PIWIS Tester ,OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Tool

I have been in obd 2 market for six years , and I know many good obd ii car diagnostic tools ,such as the launch x431 tools, and some other good car scanners.
Here I want to give you the porsche piwis tester for an example to tech you some useful knowledge about the obd 2 car diagnostic tools.

First,you should make it clear that which language version do you like .Because the Porsche PIWIS Tester just can support these language version you should know:German, English, US-English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.So choose the right version can be useful to your car .

Second , before using the Porsche PIWIS Tester,do you know how these tool work , the Porsche PIWIS Tester can work just follow these function :

1.it can Simple adapt to laptop or PC IBM T30 through USB or serial
standard interface

2.Direct multiplexer connection via OBD line to the diagnosis socket.

3.SAE systems for American and Japanese vehicles

These the tree main funciton I have chooese on the Porsche PIWIS Tester manual detail.

Here I want to share the images of the Porsche PIWIS Tester that you can know more about the ture Porsche PIWIS Tester .

Porsche PIWIS Tester images:

porsche piwis testerporsche piwis testerporsche piwis tester

From these pictures you can see this porsche piwis tester need the laptop and the software to support it . So it just the same with obd 2 scanner, The diagnostic system: the car , the car diagnostic tool,the software. Here the porsche piwis tester is the two parts behind the diagnostic system.

If you are car checker partner you may know it clearly and use the car diagnostic tool well. if you want to know more about good obd 2 scanners , I suggest you go to obddeal to have a look, because I think this obd 2 car diagnostic tools in china are all very good .

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