Compare the different price of piwis tester ii online

Here I write this article is to share some personal experience about the piwis tester ii tool online price and quality.

Because I have brought many obd 2 scanner from china and also I have brought the  piwis tester ii online . so what is the price of the porsche piwis tester ii and what is the quality of this scanner.

Here we can see the technology parameters about this tool .

– KTS520 can Simple adapt to laptop or PC IBM T30 through USB or serial
standard interface
– KTS 520 can be powered by ESI(tronic): ideal in combination with the workshop
software for fast and targeted vehicle diagnosis in the workshop.
– Full range of ESI(tronic) test specification immediately available.
– Both models are equipped for all current diagnosis protocols:
– ISO systems of European vehicles
– SAE systems for American and Japanese vehicles
– CAN protocols for testing state-of-the-art CAB bus systems in
new vehicles
– Direct multiplexer connection via OBD line to the diagnosis socket;
– Software automatically controls multiplexer – thus dispensing with
need for troublesome changing around of communication connections

I think this tool may be a little expensive to most of us , you can see the xcar360 website ,they sell this tool for about 1699USD,And In VtoolShop is much cheaper.

This piwis tester ii images here:

Porsche Piwis Tester II

Porsche Piwis Tester IIPorsche Piwis Tester II


General in aliexpress this tool is more than 2000 dollars. so I suggest you go online to get the piwis tester 2 piwis 2

when you begin to get the piwis tester 2  you should make clear which price do you want so that you can get the good quality with the cheap price .You can search on or aliexpress. but they are just suggestion .


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