If you are favorite with obd 2 scanner , don’t miss the maxidiag eu702

If you like obd ii market you may know the maxidiag eu702 scanner, if you are favorite with obd 2 scanners, I think you can’t miss this scanner the Maxidiag EU702 .

Here is the maxidiag eu702 scanner you can see.

MaxiDiag EU702 Scanner



MaxiDiag EU702


MaxiDiag EU702 Scanner

So here I will give you a short description about the maxidiag EU702 scanner, and to tell you how to use the scanner .

maxidiag eu702 scanner is the global obd 2 scanner that it has much function here you can see:

– Resets OIL SERVICE indicator light.
– Supports all 9 Test Modes of of the latest J 1979 OBD2 test specs.
– Retrieves generic {PO, P2, P3 & UO} and Manufacturer specific {P1, P3, & U1} codes.
– Displays DTC definitions on screen.
– Views FREEZE FRAME data.
– Displays O2 Sensor data as well as LIVE DATA STREAM parameters.
– Data Graphing – 1996 and newer.
– Reads, stores and plays back LIVE Sensor data.
– Memory / Battery backup for off vehicle data review and analysis
– Performs Modules Present test.
– Retrieves vehicle information {VIN, CID & CVN}.
– Supports all current OBD2 Protcols, inc CAN {Controller Area Network}.
– Extremely easy to use and reliable.
– Built in OBD2 look up Library.
– Prints data via PC.
– Comes with, OBD2 cable, USB cable, Users manual.
– Dimension:26CM*19CM*8CM

There is the function of the maxidiag eu702 scanner , so  do you know how to use the car diagnostic tool ,here is the video you can see:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y21SnXURzw

Instruction of the Autel Maxidiag EU702 :

The Tool Information function allows viewing of some important
information of the scan tool, such as serial number and login

-From Main Menu, use UP/DOWN button to select Tool
Information and press OK button.

-View tool information on screen.

Follow these steps before using the EU702 scanner you can check your car well and find the fault error with your car.

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