Personal Opinion for Launch X431 Diagun Review

In Most Launch x431 diaguns , I think the chinese launch x431 diagun is the best ,why to say so? Becasue I have compared many x431 diaguns online , in different countries , there are different prices, most in the west countries the price is a little high but in china , it’s much more cheaper.
Maybe you are somehow confused about the launch x431 diagun ,so here I give you a short details about this tool.

Launch X-431 Diagun Functions:

– Open automobile diagnosis function
– Email free update function
– PDA function
– Multi-language

Launch X431 Diagun Available Languages:

English, German, Japanese, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
This is the main tech parameter of the Launch X431 Diagun.
Here is the tool you can see:

Why do I think this launch x431 diagun is good in china ?

There are three points:
1. the chinese x431 diagun’s function is the same with the American.
2.You can receive this x431 diagun quickly by DHL
3.The service is good in china auto scanner.
Don’t you believe it ?
Here you can see the review in amazon.

This review is from: Launch Tech USA 301100119 X431 Diagun (F) Scan Tool (Automotive)

I bought this scanner for it’s cost to function ratio and I am pleased with that decision. It has good bi-directional test function. I have hardly been able to put it down since I started using it. This product DOES NOT come with in depth manual but is quick to learn or if you are using it with a program like alldata you will pick it up quick. I also love the wireless functionality that lets you move around and work while still easily monitoring the values. You can also select your own set of values to monitor and if you want pick two at a time to graph. This thing has to many functions to even began to get into but I do have to say I love the transmission control module functions so much faster to diagnose problems in the transmission. This product is still to the new side of there products so still taking input from users to fix bugs and add new functions but updates are looking like average 600 or so per year. It doesn’t mention it but with the cables it comes with it has serious coverage in pre 96 cars that have under hood plugs and in cabin plugs. In short this thing to me was worth every penny and will be paid back in just a short time in the amount of time it saves me plus the functions I would normally send out to the dealer to have performed like key code, module initializing ,and immobilizer. I purchased mine from etooldirect and was pleased with there customer service.
So if you think the launch x431 diagun is good , I suggest you go online to find the chinese auto scanner store to get the x431 diagun.


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