How To Power On Your GDS And Connecting To WiFi

If you know Professional Diagnostic Tools, the follow is also important for you.

STEP 1: Connect the AC Adapter to your GDS to initially charge. Press the Power Button on the main unit (fig. 1). The system will begin to initialize (fig. 2).

After the system completes initializing, the main menu (fig. 3) will appear on the screen, here you can select and access the functions and settings of your GDS.


There are 3 icons at the top right corner of the main menu screen (fig. 3).

① Internet Signal: Indicates current internet signal and its strength.

② Power: Indicates Power Capacity/Charging Status/ Connection to outer power supply.

③ Time: Displays current time.


Connecting To WiFi


STEP 1: Select Settings on Main Menu Screen (fig 4.). The select WiFi Settings and click OK. The GDS will now search for available networks.

It may take some time to search and locate available networks. After networks are located, they will be listed on the screen (fig 5.)


STEP 2: Select the network you would like to use and click Link, the word “Connected” should appear on the screen (fig. 6), indicating the GDS has connected to the network successfully.


Note: The X431 GDS can only search and utilize existing WiFi connections. When selecting WiFi to access the internet, please be sure to have your WiFi network connection set-up properly*, otherwise any function requiring an internet connection such as: Browser, Registration, U-Disk Update, Network Test, Information, Mailbox, & Software Update may not work.

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