FAQ about launch X431 calibrate touch screen

Have you face the problem like following situation? Why won’t my machine power up? The screen is too white, I can’t see the display. How do I adjust the contrast? Don’t worry, just calm down.

As we all know,Launch X431 adopts open diagnostic technology, which is the most advanced in the world as well as the future of automotive diagnosis.But do you really know how to work it well? Here let’s focus on how to troubleshoot the calibrate touch screen on launch X431 Diagun for our customers.

At first,you should remember that after switchiing on the machine,follow the tips to press the hot key.The calibration interface will be opened.If you followed this step then you should Click the cross cursor on the screen accurately (precisely in the center of the cross), and wait until it changes. The cross-cursor will then move to each of the four corners.After the second step,then you should repeat the process of clicking in the center of each cross-cursor until the process finishes. The screen will then return to the main interface.

Moreover,you should remember do not click the touch screen before the cross cursor appears.This is a basic principle but that tip you must follow.To know more about launch X431 GDS,please keep your habit of visiting our website.

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