Tips of airbag using you should know

How to keep your airbag in good condition. It is very important for every one when you are driving.

– Airbag is a parts with oneoff.
Each airbag can only use one time. One your airbaig open, it will loss its function. After airbag open, you have to drive your car back to factory and rebuild one new. Normally, it will cost around 3000$ rebuild one new airbag system for your cars. It is expensive, but it is essential for drving. So, the best way for us is car code reader airbag system in good condition.

– Do not put anything around the airbag
Do not put anything around the airbag, in front of it, near it, never do that. They would be balled out Once your airbag explode when emergency, which would bring more danger. When you install media player, CD on your cars, please comply with the rules of decorate and never change airbag system.

– How and When close your airbag
Please take care when children seat between driving seat and vice driving seat. It maybe bring danger to children when airbag working, it arising strong air pressure. So, you’d better seat your baby in behind seat. It is more safety. Once the children seat between driving seat and vice driving seat, you must be keep the airbag system off. It is very important.

– When we need repair airbag
Please pay attention to the warning light of SRS which seat on your instrument panel. If your airbag system works in order, SRS will keep on light for six seconds when you open the engine and turn the power to “ACC” or “ON”. It is testing procedure. If the SRS keep light on always, your airbag system should be in trouble. You must repair it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your airbag will be out of service when emergency arising. Another way, you can equip one diy tools of scanner for your airbag.

Following is some standard for your airbag.
– SRS, Stimulated Raman Scattering
– SRS Audio Sandbox
– SRS TruSurround XT
– SRS Circle Surround II
– SRS Headphone 360
– SRS 3D Center Control
– SRS TruBass
– SRS Definition
– SRS Dialog Clarity

Beauty your airbag system. Keep your safety any time when X431 tool enjoy driving.


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