EEPROM & MCU APPLICATIONS For Zed Bull Key Programmer

The Zed Bull Key Programmer Eeprom & Mcu application list is as below. As long as new solutions are obtained number of the aaplications will be increased soon, new applications will be added to software with new updates. Eeprom & Mcu applications have token system, for each application 1 token is needed.

Important Notes:
-User must use external IC programmer to read the Eeproms and Mcus.
-The pictures of the IC programmer in Zed-Bull Pc software is for brand Omega-Mtrk IC Programmer.
-Omega-Mtrk IC Programmer covers all the applications in the list and we suggest this programmer.But user is free to use any of the IC programmers in the market.
-According to the features of IC Programmer, all the Eeproms and Mcus might need to be desoldered from immo board. For most of the IC programmers in the market Eeproms and Mcus must be desoldered from immo board.
-While desoldering the Eeproms and Mcus, user must be very carefull, since the pins of the Eeproms and Mcus are thin, they might be broken if not disoldered slowly and properly.
-When an Eeprom or Mcu is read with IC Programmer, we strongly recommend user to save a copy of the original Eeprom or Mcu data file. When a problem occurs while using the file , copy of the original file will be still holding the needed datas and might be used for recovery.
-The Eeprom or Mcu must be soldered back in the same direction when it is desoldered.
-While soldering back the Eeprom or Mcu, user must be carefull against unwanted short circuits between pins.
-While reading motorola Mcus, removing the security of the Mcu is suggested. If the Mcu is read without removing the security, all the informations might be deleted for some Mcu types. So user must be carefull about this detail while reading Mcus.
-Some non-original IC programmers in the market might delete Eeprom and Mcu datas while reading. Using original IC programmers is suggested.
-While desoldering the Eeprom or Mcu, user must be careful about not desoldering the neighbour components on the immo board accidentaly.
-For BMW applications, user must be careful about the key number. When customer wants spare key, the original customer key should be read and the key number should be noted. In the PC software window proper key number should be selected.

To make key which directly starts the car for the modules 11,12, and 18 few additional steps required. The prosedure is as below:
1. Desolder the Eeprom or Mcu from immo board.
2. Read Eeprom or Mcu with external IC Programmer.
3. Save the read file with “.bin” extension with any name and to any location as you wish.
4. Open the file that you saved, using the Zed-Bull Pc Software, insert the suitable transponder to the antenna and click the “programme transponder” button on Zed-BULL Pc Software, precoded transponder is prepared.
5. Do not remove the transponder from antenna, press “Create Image File” button on Extended Function Menu. Save the file with different name such as“…..image.bin” in order not to overwrite on to the previous file.
6. Using the IC programmer write the file that you saved to the eeprom or Mcu of the immo board. The process is completed. The tranponder will start the car directly.
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