Choose the good PSOP44 Socket for your car

PSOP44 socket adaptor is the small part for your EPROM Programmer. so you should choose the right and good quality PSOP33 Socket .

PSOP44 Socket ,although is small part  , but it has the important function , you may know only small part of the car diagnostic tool can make a big change.

So before you use all the car scanner like the PSOP44 socket adaptor , you should choose well for your car .

PSOP44 socket adaptor Images:

PSOP44 socket adaptor PSOP44 socket adaptor PSOP44 socket adaptor PSOP44 socket adaptor

PSOP44 socket adaptor  manual
Insert adapter to the device programmer ZIF socket according to the picture placed near of it. If you have
some doubts about orientation of this adapter in device programmer ZIF socket, it is valid general rule, the
orientation of the text of title is the same as the text on the top of the device programmer.
Push the top of adapter ZIF socket to open it. Insert the device into the adapter ZIF socket. The right position
of the programmed device in adapter ZIF socket is show at picture near (mainly left above) the adapter ZIF
socket. Then release adapter ZIF socket. If you use this adapter for devices with less than 44 pins, then place
device to the bottom edge of adapter ZIFsocket. Upper contacts stay unconnected.
Visually check interconnection between device and adapter ZIF socket. If everything looks OK, the device is
ready for programming.
Be careful, because the incorrect insertion of adapter to the device programmer ZIF socket or device to the
adapter ZIF socket can damage the programmed device.
To take out the device push the top of adapter ZIF socket and remove device from it.
When you finish work with adapter, remove it from the device programmer ZIF socket.
Do not directly touch the pins of the adapter and adapter ZIF socket, because dirt may cause errors during
programming of device.
For handling with the device we recommended to use a vacuum pick up tool.
If programming yields isn’t 100% when using programming adapter or if some unreliability appears, try to
connect one 22nF-100nF multilayer capacitor (that meet the EIA X7R or Z5U specification) between leads of
adapter connected to pins VCC and GND pins of programmed chip.

When you use the PSOP44 Socket take follow at this manual is good to your car .

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