MAZDA/FORD GF4A-EL – Solenoid And Terminal i.d.

COMPLAINT: After overhaul, vehicles equipped with GF4A-EL may exhibit a pulsating sensation on forward application, wrong gear starts, downshift’s to 1st at higher speeds or no Reverse. You can find some more car tools like Fiat Scanner and Ford KM Tool to help you.

CAUSE: The cause may be that the wire harness conduit, or protective coating, was removed and solenoid harness connectors may now be attached to the wrong solenoid.

CORRECTION: Refer to Figure 1 for solenoid identification and location on the valve body, and the Mazda part numbers. Refer to Figure 2 for wire color, harness and solenoid connector color and terminal identification.
Solenoid And Terminal i.d.

Solenoid And Terminal i.d. 2

Solenoid And Terminal i.d. 3

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