THM 3T40 (125C) – HARSH 1-2 SHIFT

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Vehicles equipped with 1987 THM 125C built between the dates of April 13, 1987 through April 21, 1987 (Julian Dates 103- 112), may have a rolled or miss assembled l-2 accumulator piston seal, resulting in a possible harsh l-2 shift. These 1987 THM 125C transaxles (Julian Dates 103-112) have a new design accumulator piston (flat inner surface) and a soft synthetic rubber l-2 accumulator piston seal that may be inadvertently miss Assembled.

DATE OF PRODUCTION CHANGE (Figure 1) New design accumulator piston (flat inner surface) and synthetic rubber accumulator piston seal on all 1987 THM 125C transaxles built April 13,1987 (Julian Date through April 21,1987 (Julian Date 112).

SERVICE ACTION (Figure 2) If a vehicle equipped with a 1987 THM 125C transaxle built between Julian Dates 103-112 experiences a harsh l-2 shift examine the l-2 accumulator piston and seal for damage or miss assembly. If necessary, replace the piston and the seal with the original design accumulator piston (raised rib) and P.T.F.E. seal. These parts are not interchangeable.

8631657 l-2 Accumulator Piston
8631985 l-2 Accumulator Oil Seal Ring


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