Vehicle Applications:
1987 Cutlass Supreme
1987-88 Custom Cruiser Wagon
1988 Cutlass Supreme Classic

Bulletin Covers:
New transmission fluid filter and seal.
Date of Production Change: (Figures 1,2, and 3)

Refer to Figure 2 to identify previous design filter and seal. Refer to Figure 3 to identify new design filter and seal.

June 15, 1987, (Julian Date 166) new filter and previous seal in production for some 200-4R units.

August 28, 1987, (Julian Date 240) new filter and new seal in production for all 200-4R units.

Service Parts Information:
The new design filter and seal are released to service all 1988 THM 200-4R transmissions:
package number 8639958 (includes filter, seal and pan gasket).
When stock of the previous design filter and seal is depleted, the new design filter and seal will be made available to service 1987 and all prior year 200-4R models.

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