COMPLAINT: Vehicles equipped with G4A-EL transmissions may exhibit early or “Stacked Shift’s” with Converter Clutch apply by 20 mph., after overhaul, without storing any trouble codes. Find more obd code readers for help?

CAUSE: The cause may be, a mismatched 1993 Reverse and Forward drum was installed into as 1987-92 vehicle. REASON: 1987-92 Reverse and Forward drums have 12 “Projections.”
1993 Reverse and Forward drums have 16 “Projections.” These “Projections” are picked up by the “Pulse Generator” converting drum or turbine speed into an A.C. current or frequency that is sent to the ECAT computer. When a 16 “Projection” drum is installed into an 1987-1992 vehicle, drum or turbine speed will automatically be faster and may change shift strategy. (See Figure 1).

CORRECTION: Refer to Figure 2 to identify model year and install the proper drum for your application.



You can get some obd2 scanner to know more about auto repair.

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