To prevent a flat tire in summer

Experts suggest that to prevent a flat tire for vehicles, you should checked regularly. In summer, you should appropriately reduce the tire pressure to maintain normal levels of tire pressure. Inspection of the entire tire, observe whether the tire drum kits and invisible injury, if there is, replace in a timely manner in order to prevent sudden flat tire, with particular attention to check the vehicle front tire situation. Concern about the wear of the tire tread and rubber aging, if found tread wear has reached the design limit, you must promptly replace tires.
To prevent a flat tire in summer
Experts advise that if the vehicle front tires suddenly have flat tire in the process of driving, vehicle will immediately deviate from the direction toward the flat tire, the owner should immediately open the double flash, while hands grip the steering wheel, release the throttle, do not hit the brakes, and after the speed down, pull over. If the back wheels had a puncture, just not at particularly high speeds, the vehicle will not be a serious deviation, the owner, after opening the double flash, can pull over the car slowly by controlling the steering wheel, brakes and other measures.

You should get some obd2 scanner and auto key programmer to go with your car to do better, like the hot ones:

Carman Lite Scanner

1. Carman Lite Scanner is the best diagnostic scan tool for Japanese and Korean vehicles for aftermarket.

Carman Lite Scan Tool is a high quality, premium brand, hand held, Asian vehicle diagnostic scan tester with the addition of European, American and Australian software.


-Main Functions
DTC reading and explaination.
DTC erasing.
Live time Current Data(in digits and in graphic modes).
Manual data item grouping on display..
Actuation test.
Item graphic veiw.
Electrical scheme view.
Current data recording function.
Sensor simulation mode.
System Identification(ECU number).
Adaptation function.
Service reset function.
Immobilizer reading.
Trouble shooting function.
ECU re-programming.
OBD-I, OBD-II, EuroOBD, CAN communication support.

– Additional functions
Desk PC communication
Shot screen saving on PC through USB
Shot screen printing through PC
AC power
S/W download program features
Recorded data analisys
Regular update service


2. AD90 Key Programmer newest version: V3.27

– The professional duplicating machine, AD90 KEY PRO, has been designed and built to keep pace with the constant evolution of transponder car keys.

– The AD90 key duplicator features the most innovative electronic components in the field of radio frequencies thus allowing easy detection, reading and cloning (duplication) of fixed code transponders and the identification of cryptographic transponder codes.

– The AD90 in addition has major features such as copying of Crypto 42 type transponders and the Texas 4C and 4D transponders. These are additional options but make the AD90 a powerful tool.

– The AD90 KEY PRO has been developed to allow for future developments and to keep up to date with the ever expanding technology of transponders within the Automotive vehicle systems.

– As well as Transponder systems, the AD90 KEY PRO will also be developed to offer new and exciting facilities which will further advance its capabilities.


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