Measures to reduce the cylinder liner wear

Engine cylinder liner and piston ring is a pair of friction in the alternating high temperature and high pressure, load and corrosion cases. The long-term work in the complicated and changeable situation, the result is a cylinder liner wear deformation, the impact of the engine power, economy and service life.

The car engine cold starting, because of the low temperature, oil viscosity, poor mobility, the oil pump oil supply shortage. At the same time, the walls of the original cylinder oil in parking along the cylinder wall lubrication dirty, so in starting moment not to work as well, resulting in the starting cylinder wear increase greatly. Therefore, the initial start, should first make the engine idling around, to get lubrication friction surface after starting again. After the start of heating should be idle, no pounded the oil port, starting again until the oil when the temperature reached 40 degrees; the initial should persist in low gear, and circulated to each gear driving a mileage, until the oil temperature is normal, can be turned into normal running.

To strictly accord to season and engine performance requirements choose the good lubricating oil viscosity, not free to purchase and use inferior lubricating oil, and constantly check and keep the quantity and quality of the lubricating oil.

The air filter, oil filter, fuel filter to maintain a good working state, to reduce the cylinder liner wear is essential. Strengthen the “three” maintenance, is to prevent mechanical impurities into the cylinder, reduce cylinder wear, prolong the service life of the engine is an important measure, is particularly important in the rural areas and sandy area. Some drivers in order to save fuel and do not install the air filter is absolutely wrong.

The normal engine operating temperature is 80-90 ℃. The temperature is too low, can’t keep good lubrication, will increase the wear of the cylinder wall, cylinder water vapor condenses into water, acidic gas molecules dissolved in waste gas, formation of acidic substances, so that the cylinder by corrosion wear. Experiments show that, when the cylinder wall temperature decreased since 90 ℃ to 50 ℃, cylinder wear is 4 times than that in 90 ℃. The temperature is too high, will cause the cylinder strength decreased and increased wear, may even make the piston caused by “the expansion tank” accident over expansion.

In the user process, the timely detection of problems and timely remove, replace or repair the damage and deformation of the parts at any time. The installation of the cylinder liner according to the strict technical requirements test and assembly. In guarantee for ring assignments, to choose the proper elasticity piston ring, the elastic is too small, so that the gas into the crankcase blow down the walls of the cylinder oil, increasing the cylinder wall wear; elastic is too large, direct aggravate wear of the cylinder walls, or because of the cylinder wall oil film destroyed and aggravate the wear.

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Engine water pump failure or damage, repairs only need six steps

The pump is one of the important parts of the automobile engine cooling system, the water pump is the role of the cooling liquid pressure, ensure the circulation flow in the cooling system, accelerate the heat emission. As a long-term operation of the device, the use of the process, the water pump will be a failure, how to examine and repair the fault, a lot of people will feel that the examination is very complex, fault repair directly,in fact, there are some minor glitches owners completely can be solved, do not spend “money wasted.”The car in use, if the pump is faulty or damaged, do the following inspection and repair.
1.Check the pump body and the belt pulley has no wear and damage, should be replaced when necessary. Check the water pump shaft bending, there is no shaft neck wear, the shaft end thread is not damaged. Check the impeller blade has no broken, the shaft hole wear is serious. Check the seal wear degree and bakelite washer, if more than the limit of use should be replaced with new parts. Check the bearing wear, gap available surface measurement of bearing, such as more than 0.10mm, should be the replacement of the new bearings.

2.After removing the pump, according to the order of decomposition. After the decomposition should be part cleaning, and then check them one by one, to see if there is crack, damage and wear, such as serious defects should be replaced.

3.Seal and seat repair: seal, such as wear and tear from the slots that can be polished emery cloth, such as excessive wear should be replaced even; seal seat if rough scratches, available flat reamer or a lathe repair. During the overhaul should be replaced with a new seal components.

4.On the pump body with the following injury allows welding repair: Length 3Omm less, does not extend to the bearing hole cracks; engagement with the cylinder head flange with breaking parts; seal bore for damage. Water pump shaft bending shall not exceed 0.05mm, or should be replaced. Impeller blades damaged should be replaced. Pump Shaft badly worn should be replaced or repaired casement.

5.Check the water pump bearing rotating flexible or abnormal noise, such as that the bearing has a problem, should be replaced.

6.The pump is assembled, hand rotation, the pump shaft and no blocking, impeller and pump shell without rubbing. Then check the pump discharge, if any problem, should check and eliminate the cause. If the pump fails, the coolant will arrive at the corresponding place cannot, its performance will not be effective, thus affecting the working condition of the engine. Therefore, we must strengthen the pump check.

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Do the interior clean, away from the dangerous factors

Car interior cleaning and maintenance is not easy to live, should pay attention to the car daily cleaning, regular interior maintenance.For automotive interior room clean,what do you think?

For people who have a car, the inner chamber is his second home, whether good or bad grade in your car.If your car interior is not clean, have a peculiar smell, what can be affected. In daily life, the smell in the early morning bus may bring you not in a good mood.

If you are a people who are in love, your car environment will lead to attract the opposite sex? If you need to talk to a customer, you are willing to let customers see your car environment? Stay in full mold and peculiar smell inside long, the body is sure to be damaged, can lead to severe disease! Said so much, the car interior cleaning mainly do is what?

There are two main points: First: the chamber cleaning and nursing; second:the car professional disinfection.

Cleaning the car: in strict accordance with the dust removal, cleaning, maintenance of the instrument panel, ceiling of the trilogy, after the cylinder platform, seat, cashmere, inner door panels are completely clean and comprehensive maintenance, it takes about 2.5 hours. Use clean in which were neutral or slightly acidic cleaning agent, the residues no harmful gases, and in a few seconds automatically volatile, safety and environmental protection, will not produce any harm to the human body.

Steam sterilization: steam sterilization professional in addition to the high temperature sterilization of the air inside the car, also for the car air conditioning out tuyere, several seats, cashmere and so easy to accumulate dust and bacteria parts of key sterilization treatment, ensure completely kill those invisible to the naked eye mites, fungi and microbes, protection of the family and his health. At the same time, car accessories will not cause injury, also will not have to pollution on the environment.

The instrument control panel: the instrument panel is most easily accumulating dust, and there are a lot of dead angles, if the instrument panel is dirty, you will need to use a special instrument to carry out spraying detergent, then wipe clean with a soft cloth to clean.

Ceiling: the roof is relatively easy to be overlooked, but once the washing, is bound to be remnants of liquid drop in the seat or carpet. If the cleaning, carried out by professional construction of our staff, owners of the best do not own.

After the cylinder platform: we usually put the paper towel box, doll, pillows, piling up debris in the cylinder on the platform, and the paper towel, pillow has been often the man sitting in the car to take, so clean, dust after the cylinder platform is not sloppy.

Chair: chair is the owner contact is most easily spotted interiors, so owners in addition to the maintenance regularly to professional automotive beauty shop, oneself also should pay more attention to seat the maintenance.

Cashmere: Cashmere not out of the car, so that owners do not own, when you need to store by the construction technicians of our professional operation.The inner door plate: the use of professional cleaners clean neutral, and then wipe with a clean soft cloth.

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Engine maintenance tips

1.Lubricating oil using the appropriate quality grade. On the gasoline engine exhaust system should be based on the additional device selection and the use of the SD-SF gasoline engine oil; diesel engine according to the mechanical load selection of CB-CD grade diesel engine oil, use standard of not less than the manufacturer specified requirements shall prevail.

2.Oil and filter change regularly. Lubricating oil any quality grade in the using process of the oil will change, in order to avoid failure, should be combined with the conditions of use regular oil, and the oil quantity is moderate (generally in oil rod cap.).

3.To keep the crankcase ventilation. Now most of the gasoline engine is equipped with PCV valve (mandatory crankcase ventilation installation), but the pollutant gas channeling in around deposition in the PCV valve, the valve plug may. Therefore, pollutants shall be regularly cleared PCV around the valve.

4.Regular cleaning of crankcase. The engine in the process of running, the combustion chamber pressure unburned gas, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxides after clearance between piston rings and cylinder wall into the crankcase, and powder metal parts wear the mixed together, forming sludge. Therefore, should be cleaned regularly to keep the engine crankcase, internal cleaning.

5.Regular cleaning fuel oil system, controlling the formation of coke, so the engine can maintain the best state.

6.The engine water tank rust, scale is the most common problems. The cooling system of rust and scale can limit the cooling liquid in the flow, reduce the cooling effect, causing the engine to overheat, even cause engine damage. So in the regular cleaning tank, remove the rust and scale.

Maintain filter: filter refers to the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter. Filter for air in automobile engine, oil and gasoline plays a role of filtration, thus protecting the engine, but also improve the work efficiency of the engine.

Most riders in the face of diesel condensation occurs, the misunderstanding, method of operation is not standardized, easy to damage the vehicle, there are security risks. As in the diesel fuel blending gasoline, will bring the following problems.

First, it enables the vehicle difficult cold start, start times to be a car; the second vehicle combustion deterioration, a portion of the fuel cannot be fully combustion, the fuel consumption increased significantly, decreased sharply increase horsepower, exhaust pollution. In addition, the service life of the engine will have a great influence. In particular, direct baking tank approach, both time-consuming and laborious, but also very dangerous, should put an end to this kind of mistake.

At the same time, consumers are also the universal existence of such a mistake, think of No. 0 diesel oil as long as the temperature can be normal use in 0 ℃, this is mainly due to the diesel antifreeze properties do not understand the cause. To measure diesel antifreeze performance indicators are mainly two, namely the cold filter plugging point and freezing point. Condensation point is the highest temperature diesel loss of mobility in the environment of low temperature; cold filter plugging point through the engine fuel injection system for diesel will be caused by high temperature filter clogging. The national standard diesel No. 0 cold filter plugging point is 4 ℃, the pour point is 0 ℃. No matter what kind of label of diesel, as the temperature drops, it first passes through the cold filter plugging point after condensation point.

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