Engine maintenance tips

1.Lubricating oil using the appropriate quality grade. On the gasoline engine exhaust system should be based on the additional device selection and the use of the SD-SF gasoline engine oil; diesel engine according to the mechanical load selection of CB-CD grade diesel engine oil, use standard of not less than the manufacturer specified requirements shall prevail.

2.Oil and filter change regularly. Lubricating oil any quality grade in the using process of the oil will change, in order to avoid failure, should be combined with the conditions of use regular oil, and the oil quantity is moderate (generally in oil rod cap.).

3.To keep the crankcase ventilation. Now most of the gasoline engine is equipped with PCV valve (mandatory crankcase ventilation installation), but the pollutant gas channeling in around deposition in the PCV valve, the valve plug may. Therefore, pollutants shall be regularly cleared PCV around the valve.

4.Regular cleaning of crankcase. The engine in the process of running, the combustion chamber pressure unburned gas, acid, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxides after clearance between piston rings and cylinder wall into the crankcase, and powder metal parts wear the mixed together, forming sludge. Therefore, should be cleaned regularly to keep the engine crankcase, internal cleaning.

5.Regular cleaning fuel oil system, controlling the formation of coke, so the engine can maintain the best state.

6.The engine water tank rust, scale is the most common problems. The cooling system of rust and scale can limit the cooling liquid in the flow, reduce the cooling effect, causing the engine to overheat, even cause engine damage. So in the regular cleaning tank, remove the rust and scale.

Maintain filter: filter refers to the air filter, oil filter, fuel filter. Filter for air in automobile engine, oil and gasoline plays a role of filtration, thus protecting the engine, but also improve the work efficiency of the engine.

Most riders in the face of diesel condensation occurs, the misunderstanding, method of operation is not standardized, easy to damage the vehicle, there are security risks. As in the diesel fuel blending gasoline, will bring the following problems.

First, it enables the vehicle difficult cold start, start times to be a car; the second vehicle combustion deterioration, a portion of the fuel cannot be fully combustion, the fuel consumption increased significantly, decreased sharply increase horsepower, exhaust pollution. In addition, the service life of the engine will have a great influence. In particular, direct baking tank approach, both time-consuming and laborious, but also very dangerous, should put an end to this kind of mistake.

At the same time, consumers are also the universal existence of such a mistake, think of No. 0 diesel oil as long as the temperature can be normal use in 0 ℃, this is mainly due to the diesel antifreeze properties do not understand the cause. To measure diesel antifreeze performance indicators are mainly two, namely the cold filter plugging point and freezing point. Condensation point is the highest temperature diesel loss of mobility in the environment of low temperature; cold filter plugging point through the engine fuel injection system for diesel will be caused by high temperature filter clogging. The national standard diesel No. 0 cold filter plugging point is 4 ℃, the pour point is 0 ℃. No matter what kind of label of diesel, as the temperature drops, it first passes through the cold filter plugging point after condensation point.

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