Measures to reduce the cylinder liner wear

Engine cylinder liner and piston ring is a pair of friction in the alternating high temperature and high pressure, load and corrosion cases. The long-term work in the complicated and changeable situation, the result is a cylinder liner wear deformation, the impact of the engine power, economy and service life.

The car engine cold starting, because of the low temperature, oil viscosity, poor mobility, the oil pump oil supply shortage. At the same time, the walls of the original cylinder oil in parking along the cylinder wall lubrication dirty, so in starting moment not to work as well, resulting in the starting cylinder wear increase greatly. Therefore, the initial start, should first make the engine idling around, to get lubrication friction surface after starting again. After the start of heating should be idle, no pounded the oil port, starting again until the oil when the temperature reached 40 degrees; the initial should persist in low gear, and circulated to each gear driving a mileage, until the oil temperature is normal, can be turned into normal running.

To strictly accord to season and engine performance requirements choose the good lubricating oil viscosity, not free to purchase and use inferior lubricating oil, and constantly check and keep the quantity and quality of the lubricating oil.

The air filter, oil filter, fuel filter to maintain a good working state, to reduce the cylinder liner wear is essential. Strengthen the “three” maintenance, is to prevent mechanical impurities into the cylinder, reduce cylinder wear, prolong the service life of the engine is an important measure, is particularly important in the rural areas and sandy area. Some drivers in order to save fuel and do not install the air filter is absolutely wrong.

The normal engine operating temperature is 80-90 ℃. The temperature is too low, can’t keep good lubrication, will increase the wear of the cylinder wall, cylinder water vapor condenses into water, acidic gas molecules dissolved in waste gas, formation of acidic substances, so that the cylinder by corrosion wear. Experiments show that, when the cylinder wall temperature decreased since 90 ℃ to 50 ℃, cylinder wear is 4 times than that in 90 ℃. The temperature is too high, will cause the cylinder strength decreased and increased wear, may even make the piston caused by “the expansion tank” accident over expansion.

In the user process, the timely detection of problems and timely remove, replace or repair the damage and deformation of the parts at any time. The installation of the cylinder liner according to the strict technical requirements test and assembly. In guarantee for ring assignments, to choose the proper elasticity piston ring, the elastic is too small, so that the gas into the crankcase blow down the walls of the cylinder oil, increasing the cylinder wall wear; elastic is too large, direct aggravate wear of the cylinder walls, or because of the cylinder wall oil film destroyed and aggravate the wear.

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