In the winter should pay attention to the engine maintenance

The temperature is gradually cool, autumn’s footsteps approaching in the imperceptibly, winter cold is undoubtedly a severe test for automobile parts, want the car safely through the winter in autumn must be comprehensive maintenance on the. Currently on the market of automobile maintenance product variety, quality uneven, some good and some bad, owners tend to see things in a blur I do not know how to choose. For the automobile deep maintenance products, select a reliable with good reputation of the brand is very important. Unlike the summer heat insulation, winter maintenance should pay attention to the main engine maintenance and maintenance, the timely removal of carbon deposition, the replacement of antifreeze and select the appropriate oil, second air conditioning cleaning and brake maintenance are matters before winter car maintenance needed to pay attention to.
Various types of engines in the work, because of the influence of related factors, are more or less carbon deposition. Coke is a product of fuel or lubricating oil is formed in the high temperature and oxygen under the action of. The cylinder cover parts of the coke, will reduce the cooling effect of the engine. Because the thermal conductivity of carbon 1/50 range, its thermal conductivity is only cast iron or steel, it will cause overheating of the engine, the engine performance and fuel economy are greatly reduced. The top of the piston deposits, a hot surface, cause preignition and detonation, knock, knock and abnormal wear, shorten the service life of the engine.

In addition to the usual for the car to do maintenance can reduce the carbon production, regular cleaning is to extend the life of the vehicle, in terms of cleanliness should choose must use special engine cleaning agent, such as a high performance engine 3M carbon removal agent (PN08989), it can restore the shape of combustion chamber, the fuel, air, ignition timing and combustion path between the balance recovery, reducing the compression ratio, avoid knock or pre abnormal combustion phenomenon, the phenomenon of improved cold start is not smooth, unstable idle speed, fuel consumption, knock and insufficient horsepower.

In the winter should pay attention to the engine maintenance, also can not forget the car details maintenance. After the winter, automobile air conditioner is used less, the refrigerant in the air-conditioning stopped working after hydration. Separated in the refrigeration system, fluoric acid generating strong corrosivity, evaporator, condenser corrosion of metal parts. Again after the summer, dust will retain more air-conditioning air duct, air humidity and the summer is relatively large, will cause the air passage is wet, it will cause a lot of mold. Cleaning will affect driving indoor air quality. If not, it may cause respiratory system disease.

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The vehicle maintenance tips on the rainy day

Wading height depends mainly on the car itself factors, and a car of their own design also has a great impact, including ground clearance, wheel radius, the exhaust pipe, the inlet height, then how models can have better fording ability?
The wheel half: this number is half the height of the vehicle tire numerical reference factors, is a wading ability.

The exhaust pipe height: all the time, people think that once the water more than the height of the exhaust pipe, will put water into the engine to stall, in fact is not like this, because the engine to produce the enormous pressure in the exhaust, enough to intrusion into the exhaust pipe of the water out. Vent height can intuitively reflect the level reached much water, not only in uniform through the water will appear when the inverted water.

The inlet height: This is the ultimate value of wading vehicle, once more than this value, the water will directly lead to flameout, in more serious cases, will be the water sucked into the engine and cause permanent damage. Therefore, this value is absolutely reliable “rain” index based on.

Rainy day, the owners often encountered engine not easy to start trouble, sometimes barely started up, and the feeble. This problem may be the largest leakage from the ignition system for wet and produce. In addition, may be a rainy weather is cool, and a small flood in the hot air distributor plate may condense into droplets and composition of disk, and thus the loss of ignition function.

Humid environment in the rainy season, also let the car circuit fault. This failure is often caused by two situations, one is the fuse burned out, one is the circuit fault pure.
Want to avoid the car circuit problems, the most important point is to avoid the installation, modification. Because, in the process of installation and modification of the whole car circuit, the voltage and current are changed, in this case, once the line heat, moisture, it is very easy to generate fault.

To solve this problem, usually with various control devices on the car, once found because the ignition system ignition failure, humidity and the engine performance decline, it is best to use dry towel or dry cloth to the distributor and wire wipe, and then use special desiccant spray in the distributor cap, battery joint, the spark plug and ignition coil, high-voltage wire with a desiccant spray cans, etc. after a while can start the engine. And stalled in the water, never again to start the engine, so as not to damage the engine circuit.

If your car is a new car, the rainy season chassis maintenance could spend less time. For the new car in the factory before, have already done some rust treatment. While some age longer, and some had a major accident car, we need to pay special attention to maintenance work chassis.

Before the rainy season, can consider to give the car a chassis rust treatment, if conditions allow, can be armored chassis. So not only can protect the tank and other devices, but also to rust, sound insulation, collision avoidance action.

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How to keep the new car’s air fresh?

First of all, is to ensure the sealing performance, imagine, those in the open air car park for a week, a thick layer of ash car, how to resist not seamless into PM2.5 particles? So, we must ensure that all the windows and door seal intact, if strip because of the aging and hair the hard, also affect the sealing effect, we need to use special rubber maintenance agent, it can make the rubber elasticity.
There is one very important point, that is to enhance the filtering capacity of the air filter. Of course, you say I never use air conditioning, it is another when the other theory, but if use air conditioning, air conditioning and no filter or filtration effect is poor, the PM2.5 particles and can be easily with the air-conditioning lines into the compartment. So, in order not to give the green light PM2.5 particles, we must improve the performance of the air filter on the car, no filter and filter, a filter should be high performance filter with pollen filter function in use, carbon composition contains the filter of PM2.5 particles in the air can absorb the equivalent of medical, principle protective mask.

Some new car smell is emitted, but the majority of new distributed by the new car smell is very mild, and some owners even feel that new car smell good smell. Whether good or pungent, the new car smell is definitely not healthy odor, just according to the influence of different models on the human body or big or small. On the car, car paint, adhesive itself with some plastics or composite material components, born with some harmful substance. In addition, car cushion, foot pad and some interior activities also release some poisonous gases do not see, had severe decoration vehicle is even more so.

Although the PM2.5 particles in the environment are the same terrible, but most of the time the air quality is not bad. Therefore, experts suggest should try to use the car inside and outside the air circulation to dilute existing toxic pollutants in vehicle. Even if the factory car pollution is serious, can persist as long as the window driving, only need two months can be the vehicle pollutants disappear.

As we all know, air conditioning can refrigeration, can play the role of wet pumping. This is why advocate people to stay a long time to pay attention to the water. In the air conditioning room or compartment. So, even in the rainy weather conditions, temperature is not high, the owners should consciously open for a period of time the air conditioning in the destination former, remove moisture build-up in the carriage.
In the sunny days, quilt hold on to the balcony bask in, can effectively prevent mildew and odor generation, this is perhaps the most primitive means of disinfection is the most convenient and cheap. Can your car, surrounded by the window with a heat insulation film dark, almost all have no chance to enjoy the sun and the carriage. If you like the quilt, in the good weather days, take time to shake off the door window glass, all open, let the carriage through a gas, enjoy sunbathing, mould nature have no place to hide.

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Check the line in time to prevent spontaneous combustion of the car

Always check the maintenance of electrical circuit. A motor vehicle with automatic control performance is high, electrical lines all over the body, arranged in a crisscross pattern is very complicated, connecting many electrical components, through high temperature baking to vibrations and the engine for a long time, persistent, electrical lines appear likely hardening crack, open circuit, short circuit or bad contact phenomenon, resulting in electrical circuit grounding, due to leakage “the fire” or heat storage and combustion.

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Always check the oil (gas) pipeline maintenance. Fuel oil (gas) in case of oil (gas) pipeline leakage fault, and air mixture explosion concentration limit, in the fire it may cause fire or explosion, the dangers of fire after the vehicle electrical circuit fault. Therefore, the owner should be in electrical maintenance vehicle with the oil (gas) pipeline maintenance. In addition, when driving the motor vehicle if the smell in the fuel oil (gas) strong taste, motor vehicle has undergone a fuel oil (gas) leak fault, the situation is very dangerous, should not continue to run, or is likely to cause spontaneous combustion of motor vehicle. At this time should immediately turn off the engine, the car park by the roadside, notify the auto repair shop to repair.

Do not overload long-distance driving. Every vehicle has its rated dwt, car drivers should strictly abide by the rules, especially not overload driving, otherwise it will cause engine temperature, causing oil, circuit spontaneous combustion, or cause excessive tire temperature, tire increased pressure to accelerate tire wear, and even lead to spontaneous combustion tire puncture. If long-term severe overloading, but also greatly shorten the life of the vehicle.

It is strictly prohibited to refit vehicle. Now some young people in order to highlight the personality, to refit vehicle according to his own will, to the car to install some electrical equipment, changed the original circuit design, increase the electricity load, thus give the car planted a “time bomb”, is likely to trigger spontaneous combustion, causing owners should be especially alert.

Do not place the dangerous goods. Summer high temperature conditions especially not the gas lighter, air fresheners, mousse and filled with plastic or metal pressure tank flammable gas placed on the vehicle driving on the table. Because it is easy to produce high temperature due to sun exposure, “flammable liquefied gas pressure vessel” within the expansion, thus causing an explosion combustion. Can’t get gasoline, alcohol, paint and fireworks and other dangerous items are placed in the car, because once the leakage or traffic accidents are likely to cause explosion combustion.

Should be equipped with vehicle fire extinguisher. In order to nip in the bud, the vehicle should be equipped with at least 1 larger fire extinguisher fire extinguishers, because small volume is difficult to put out the fire. There are fire extinguishers in the following three types of comparison for configuration in motor vehicles: multifunctional fire extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher, dry powder fire extinguisher. Each fire extinguisher has its shelf life and specific operation method, the user should strictly abide by the product maintenance and use, fire extinguishers should be updated in a timely manner to failure, so as to avoid the fire did not use. In addition, the car the best preparation of a basin or bucket, can timely access to water conditions, the best water fire extinguishing effect.

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Lock-up clutch failures on vehicles equipped with automatic transmission will have a huge impact

Common faults of lock up clutch: lock up clutch engagement, not separation, not poor bonding and slipping. Multiple fault phenomenon is diverse, so to grasp its working principle, characteristics and the method of fault analysis is very important.
First, the road test, the vehicle without the law appear jitter between 40 – 80km / h. The first detection of the engine, but found no fault. This may be caused by other factors. So the computer detecting instrument reads the data flow, found that when the locking clutch (TCC) joint, especially the ground station to the 40% – 60%, the vehicle will appear jitter phenomenon. The fault is composed of TCC binding caused by bad. But the results are caused by bad and which part?Fault may lie electronically controlled, hydraulic and mechanical systems which part. Of course, there are some special circumstances, such as when the throttle is closed, apply the brakes, acceleration or deceleration, shift, oil temperature below 60 ℃ Rotary temperature is too high and gear in the following block 3, etc., because these time lock the clutch is engaged.

The locking clutch engagement and separation by computer (PCM) through the lock up clutch (TCC) to control electromagnetic. Computer analyzed according to the solar term door position sensor, speed sensor, a turbine shaft, gear shift moment sensor, and brake switch signal, to the TCC electromagnetic valve provides a duty cycle signal, changed the TCC electromagnetic valve opening, thereby controlling the action of clutch. For the TCC work, computer is through the rotational speed of the engine and the turbine shaft (input shaft) of the speed difference to monitor.When the locking clutch does not work, the engine speed should be greater than the turbine shaft speed is 200 300r / min; in the lock up clutch engagement process, both the differential speed should be reduced gradually; when the locking clutch is completely engaged, the rotational speed difference should be zero. Therefore, can be observed through the engine speed and the rotational speed of the turbine (input shaft speed difference between the clutch) to determine the working state and extent.

On the hydraulic part of the fault can be determined by measuring the hydraulic pressure. So this car gearbox oil pressure test carried out. Road test, jitter occurs when the TCC engagement and found no oil pressure fluctuations and anomalies. To further determine if this part is faulty hydraulic transmission, fold down the valve and install test template, using compressed air to be tested. The results showed that the TCC various hydraulic valves and valve oil works well, the hydraulic part of the fault can be basically ruled out the possibility.

As for the mechanical part, due to the inability of dismantling, so only through the exclusion of other aspects of the failure to determine. The detection and analysis of the above several aspects, determine the fault is likely only in mechanical parts, namely the torque converter lockup clutch.

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