Check the line in time to prevent spontaneous combustion of the car

Always check the maintenance of electrical circuit. A motor vehicle with automatic control performance is high, electrical lines all over the body, arranged in a crisscross pattern is very complicated, connecting many electrical components, through high temperature baking to vibrations and the engine for a long time, persistent, electrical lines appear likely hardening crack, open circuit, short circuit or bad contact phenomenon, resulting in electrical circuit grounding, due to leakage “the fire” or heat storage and combustion.

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Always check the oil (gas) pipeline maintenance. Fuel oil (gas) in case of oil (gas) pipeline leakage fault, and air mixture explosion concentration limit, in the fire it may cause fire or explosion, the dangers of fire after the vehicle electrical circuit fault. Therefore, the owner should be in electrical maintenance vehicle with the oil (gas) pipeline maintenance. In addition, when driving the motor vehicle if the smell in the fuel oil (gas) strong taste, motor vehicle has undergone a fuel oil (gas) leak fault, the situation is very dangerous, should not continue to run, or is likely to cause spontaneous combustion of motor vehicle. At this time should immediately turn off the engine, the car park by the roadside, notify the auto repair shop to repair.

Do not overload long-distance driving. Every vehicle has its rated dwt, car drivers should strictly abide by the rules, especially not overload driving, otherwise it will cause engine temperature, causing oil, circuit spontaneous combustion, or cause excessive tire temperature, tire increased pressure to accelerate tire wear, and even lead to spontaneous combustion tire puncture. If long-term severe overloading, but also greatly shorten the life of the vehicle.

It is strictly prohibited to refit vehicle. Now some young people in order to highlight the personality, to refit vehicle according to his own will, to the car to install some electrical equipment, changed the original circuit design, increase the electricity load, thus give the car planted a “time bomb”, is likely to trigger spontaneous combustion, causing owners should be especially alert.

Do not place the dangerous goods. Summer high temperature conditions especially not the gas lighter, air fresheners, mousse and filled with plastic or metal pressure tank flammable gas placed on the vehicle driving on the table. Because it is easy to produce high temperature due to sun exposure, “flammable liquefied gas pressure vessel” within the expansion, thus causing an explosion combustion. Can’t get gasoline, alcohol, paint and fireworks and other dangerous items are placed in the car, because once the leakage or traffic accidents are likely to cause explosion combustion.

Should be equipped with vehicle fire extinguisher. In order to nip in the bud, the vehicle should be equipped with at least 1 larger fire extinguisher fire extinguishers, because small volume is difficult to put out the fire. There are fire extinguishers in the following three types of comparison for configuration in motor vehicles: multifunctional fire extinguisher, foam fire extinguisher, dry powder fire extinguisher. Each fire extinguisher has its shelf life and specific operation method, the user should strictly abide by the product maintenance and use, fire extinguishers should be updated in a timely manner to failure, so as to avoid the fire did not use. In addition, the car the best preparation of a basin or bucket, can timely access to water conditions, the best water fire extinguishing effect.

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