The vehicle maintenance tips on the rainy day

Wading height depends mainly on the car itself factors, and a car of their own design also has a great impact, including ground clearance, wheel radius, the exhaust pipe, the inlet height, then how models can have better fording ability?
The wheel half: this number is half the height of the vehicle tire numerical reference factors, is a wading ability.

The exhaust pipe height: all the time, people think that once the water more than the height of the exhaust pipe, will put water into the engine to stall, in fact is not like this, because the engine to produce the enormous pressure in the exhaust, enough to intrusion into the exhaust pipe of the water out. Vent height can intuitively reflect the level reached much water, not only in uniform through the water will appear when the inverted water.

The inlet height: This is the ultimate value of wading vehicle, once more than this value, the water will directly lead to flameout, in more serious cases, will be the water sucked into the engine and cause permanent damage. Therefore, this value is absolutely reliable “rain” index based on.

Rainy day, the owners often encountered engine not easy to start trouble, sometimes barely started up, and the feeble. This problem may be the largest leakage from the ignition system for wet and produce. In addition, may be a rainy weather is cool, and a small flood in the hot air distributor plate may condense into droplets and composition of disk, and thus the loss of ignition function.

Humid environment in the rainy season, also let the car circuit fault. This failure is often caused by two situations, one is the fuse burned out, one is the circuit fault pure.
Want to avoid the car circuit problems, the most important point is to avoid the installation, modification. Because, in the process of installation and modification of the whole car circuit, the voltage and current are changed, in this case, once the line heat, moisture, it is very easy to generate fault.

To solve this problem, usually with various control devices on the car, once found because the ignition system ignition failure, humidity and the engine performance decline, it is best to use dry towel or dry cloth to the distributor and wire wipe, and then use special desiccant spray in the distributor cap, battery joint, the spark plug and ignition coil, high-voltage wire with a desiccant spray cans, etc. after a while can start the engine. And stalled in the water, never again to start the engine, so as not to damage the engine circuit.

If your car is a new car, the rainy season chassis maintenance could spend less time. For the new car in the factory before, have already done some rust treatment. While some age longer, and some had a major accident car, we need to pay special attention to maintenance work chassis.

Before the rainy season, can consider to give the car a chassis rust treatment, if conditions allow, can be armored chassis. So not only can protect the tank and other devices, but also to rust, sound insulation, collision avoidance action.

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