In the winter should pay attention to the engine maintenance

The temperature is gradually cool, autumn’s footsteps approaching in the imperceptibly, winter cold is undoubtedly a severe test for automobile parts, want the car safely through the winter in autumn must be comprehensive maintenance on the. Currently on the market of automobile maintenance product variety, quality uneven, some good and some bad, owners tend to see things in a blur I do not know how to choose. For the automobile deep maintenance products, select a reliable with good reputation of the brand is very important. Unlike the summer heat insulation, winter maintenance should pay attention to the main engine maintenance and maintenance, the timely removal of carbon deposition, the replacement of antifreeze and select the appropriate oil, second air conditioning cleaning and brake maintenance are matters before winter car maintenance needed to pay attention to.
Various types of engines in the work, because of the influence of related factors, are more or less carbon deposition. Coke is a product of fuel or lubricating oil is formed in the high temperature and oxygen under the action of. The cylinder cover parts of the coke, will reduce the cooling effect of the engine. Because the thermal conductivity of carbon 1/50 range, its thermal conductivity is only cast iron or steel, it will cause overheating of the engine, the engine performance and fuel economy are greatly reduced. The top of the piston deposits, a hot surface, cause preignition and detonation, knock, knock and abnormal wear, shorten the service life of the engine.

In addition to the usual for the car to do maintenance can reduce the carbon production, regular cleaning is to extend the life of the vehicle, in terms of cleanliness should choose must use special engine cleaning agent, such as a high performance engine 3M carbon removal agent (PN08989), it can restore the shape of combustion chamber, the fuel, air, ignition timing and combustion path between the balance recovery, reducing the compression ratio, avoid knock or pre abnormal combustion phenomenon, the phenomenon of improved cold start is not smooth, unstable idle speed, fuel consumption, knock and insufficient horsepower.

In the winter should pay attention to the engine maintenance, also can not forget the car details maintenance. After the winter, automobile air conditioner is used less, the refrigerant in the air-conditioning stopped working after hydration. Separated in the refrigeration system, fluoric acid generating strong corrosivity, evaporator, condenser corrosion of metal parts. Again after the summer, dust will retain more air-conditioning air duct, air humidity and the summer is relatively large, will cause the air passage is wet, it will cause a lot of mold. Cleaning will affect driving indoor air quality. If not, it may cause respiratory system disease.

For the air-conditioning system of cleaning, recommend the use of 3M professional automotive air conditioning system cleaner, the air conditioning evaporator which mainly in cleaning the car, dirt adhesion in the evaporator of dust, dirt, bacteria survival of lipid nutrients, odor source, to provide protection for you and your family’s health. At last, car tools like Launch X431 and GM Tech 2 Scanner may help you more!


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