The air conditioning filter function

Deviation refers to the flat road, the vehicle will appear to the left or right running trend. To test whether the deviation try repeatedly in a plurality of flat ground, gently touching the steering wheel, if feel to the steering wheel was dragged the hand feeling is deviation. Here a little attention to, under normal circumstances, the right way is relatively low, the steering wheel without holding (SA), some vehicle always drive to the right, this phenomenon is normal without checking.

Pressure on both sides of the vehicle tire imbalance will lead directly to the vehicle running deviation. The principle is very simple, on both sides of tire pressure is not average, they touch the ground area is different, in the normal road tire friction, low air pressure is greater, so in this case, the vehicle will appear deviation side to pneumatic tire. If it is found that the deviation, first proposed or look at both sides of the tire pressure is normal.

Brake system problems. A slight right deviation in running time, the phenomenon is more obvious when the brake. Check the vehicle after the discovery of the right front brake branch pump problems, caused the brake pad can not return, the equivalent of the right front wheel has been slight brake state, resulting in deviation. Encountered a similar situation friend also beware of brake cylinder and two side brake wear is uniform.

The running time of vehicles, four wheel positioning data will lead to the emergence of the phenomenon of deviation. Especially often go to eliminate the road and vehicle on the curb, four wheel positioning parameters are easier to change. Because of the change of the main parts of the chassis can cause the deviation problem, this may be due to the daily traffic caused by wear and aging, may also be due to accidents caused by deformation of lead frame. The problem of Aging said, if the lower arm and other components has changed or is the gap is too large, adjustment or replacement parts can be solved; and if it is because the body caused by the accident, frame deformation damage problem caused by the deviation, is more serious, need a large area replacement parts even for frame correction is possible complete recovery.

The weight of the vehicle is not average will also cause the vehicle deviation, here is the main said often pull a heavy load truck, special attention should be paid to the goods placed evenly around. If the weight often rely on the side of the display, which may lead to problems: 1, because the center of gravity problems directly lead to the vehicle deviation; 2, even if there was no deviation occurs, often about placing uneven may lead to tire around wear is not the average, in the course of time will also because of tire friction force caused by the asymmetry deviation.

On the vehicle deviation, but also not too complicated, the most simple is left and right sides imbalance, including pressure imbalance, suspension supporting force unbalance, four wheel positioning is not balanced, the brake system is not balance, we should send these imbalances adjusted back to, let the wheel back on track otherwise, the long-term vehicle driving deviation may not wear balance due to the important parts of tires and so on, bring more security hidden danger.

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