A detailed interpretation of vehicle inspection process

Vehicle inspection time is divided into the following situations (motor vehicles shall be from the registration date): operating passenger cars within 5 years of each test 1 times; more than 5 years, to test 1 times every 6 months; truck and large, medium-sized non operating passenger cars within 10 years of each test 1 times more than 10 years; 1, inspection once every 6 months; small, micro non operating passenger cars 6 years testing every 2 years 1; more than 6 years, the annual inspection of 1; more than 15 years, to test 1 times every 6 months.

Carry things to prepare inspection:. The owner or agent ID; vehicle; cross strong insurance and other insurance documents. Insurance and the original must be within the period of validity. Many friends in the insurance expires and the testing maturity is a time, while in the insurance expires before the new year’s insurance, the inspection old age insurance has not expired, the new insurance has not yet entered into force, so be sure to bring is still within the validity period of the original insurance policy, also is the old policy to check, otherwise non effective insurance cannot be detected by, of course these only for compulsory insurance, compulsory insurance is the necessary examination, commercial insurance temporarily can not.

There is to look, illegal there was no untreated own vehicle, if anything should go to the DMV or industrial and Commercial Bank of China to handle all illegal record after inspection, or is unable to carry out testing. Vehicle detection field office Monday to Friday, there are some detection field Saturday office. The detection time: 8:00-12:00 am, 13:00-17:00 PM, the detection field at 12:00-13:00 is not the office, so I suggest you try to stagger on this period of time, it can avoid the waste of one hour.

Arrive at the test site, the first step is the appearance of test, the owners need to park the vehicle in the special inspection the appearance of the site, the fire extinguisher in the vehicle and triangle warning board ready, and the engine compartment of vehicles and the trunk open, waiting for the personnel of the inspection. In the visual inspection, the staff will take two forms, respectively is the motor vehicle inspection records of qualified certificate and the motor vehicle safety and technical inspection (some detection field is the need for the owner himself two copies of the form to the business hall). The staff will check and record the vehicle chassis number, engine number and other data, but also check the safety device warning triangle and fire extinguishers are complete. When the staff check the appearance of qualified, will be in the form of appearance that a signature.

Visual inspection of the need to pay attention to is, safety warning triangle and fire extinguisher that is complete, and the car color, appearance and the driving license of photo consistent. Now many young people like to post some personality logo in your car, it is not through in the vehicle inspection, the owner should take the car clean, only through appearance inspection. But there are exceptions, “practice” standard after the public security organ for approval of the legitimate car is allowed. If you bought a new car will not immediately put on his love note paper, need to paste again in the registration completed.


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