Discussion on various tread patterns

As the only medium vehicle tire, contact with the ground, shouldering the important responsibility bearing, brake and driving safety. While the vehicle is moving in a normal road, tire real contact area with the ground, never than we walk on the road of sole and the ground contact area of much. The contact area is so small, need to complete the above so many important and complex work, then the pattern on the tire plays a crucial role in.

Generally speaking, the tire tread or tire tread on a variety of longitudinal, transverse, oblique consisting of trench. Don’t look at those across the vertical pattern is a mess, but they can have a clear division of labor. Longitudinal patterns as features has vertical continuity, so the main bear rain drainage function, and for tire cooling is also very helpful, but lack of grip. Lateral pattern has a greater ability to grip, congenital defects which can compensate for the longitudinal pattern.

Design of an ordinary civilian tire requires comprehensive consideration, not only to meet the sunny dry running, but also to meet the rainy wetland running, can be said to a year four seasons climate characteristics are taken into account, so that ordinary users can not see the weather often go to change a tire.

Longitudinal tire tread on the main played fast drainage effect, but it will cause the tire grip ability is insufficient; the transverse pattern on the tire has a high ability to grip, but the drainage capacity and guidance is not good. Therefore the design of tire engineers will be two kinds of patterns mix together and reached a “tacit understanding”, let the middle transverse patterns to provide a rapid drainage of the longitudinal pattern and shoulder to provide grip with a perfect situation, so that mixed pattern was born. At present this mixture of tire tread pattern is widely used in cars, buses, trucks and other large numbers of vehicles, is one of the most worry choice.

Asymmetric patterns that both sides have different pattern structure. Because of the left and right pattern structure is different, so usually the design will pay more attention to the design of lateral pressure increases when turning the tread pattern. This is why the asymmetric tire in some cases cornering performance will cause relatively great. And considering the daily use, wear resistance of tire lateral asymmetry patterns can also be a corresponding increase in.

Not only that, because the two sides of the pattern with different structure and rubber formula, so the overall performance of tire can be stronger and more comprehensive, such as side pattern could focus on the drainage capacity, while the pattern could focus on the grip etc.. The asymmetric tire has been widely used, and has made the market definitely, is the majority of the owners to buy when the tire is preferred.

Note that because the tire inside and outside pattern is different, the installation must determine the correct tire. When using this pattern of the tire in tire on no special requirements, all around, as long as the main tire and can.

The mutual connection between single direction of the tire tread groove, have a road performance strong and drainage ability strong. The pattern of the tire rolling direction fixed, that is to say that the tire can be running in a direction, so that the advantages of tire rolling resistance will be relatively small, the vehicle handling more outstanding. But also because of this design single guide tires not about the same side only tire swap, that’s why it’s called the single oriented tire.

The single oriented pattern are all in one direction, and the mole larger pattern, crosscutting pattern and other small features. These characteristics determine the single oriented tire rolling resistance, control performance, performance advantage. The single oriented tire has a strong grip and drainage performance, and speed levels can be very high, the directivity and the control performance and can satisfy the demanding fancier.


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