Car Tire maintenance

The blowout accident, there are many because of tire aging not timely replacement caused by. The rubber as the raw material of tire storage there is life after aging, elasticity and toughness will be greatly reduced, service life longer burst probability is higher. According to the official statement tire manufacturers, general tire life ought to be in 2 years or 6-8 million km intervals.
In order to avoid tire blowout accident caused by aging, we should understand the car tire production period, and the last change date, at the same time, to understand the life of the tire, so as to achieve the heart spectrum. We learn from the professional, if you use is not frequent, and the car environment is not bad, it is best to have a garage can ensure the temperature relatively small, general tire normal use of 4-5 years is not a problem, of course, the premise is frequently check, as small as possible. The use of love.

In addition to the rolling wear normal, and is part of the other external injury, parking in the crowded city sometimes need on the curb, in the outskirts of poor road conditions, rolling stones will make the tire from excessive wear local, this is inevitable. So in the normal driving, develop around the car a week habit, have a look the tire has no trauma, if it is found that the bulge phenomenon or injury shall timely treatment or replacement.

The tire side is the place where the tire the weakest, and we in the parking time, especially when the stop on the road if not available easily tire side and rubbed in the course of time will make on the curb, sidewall becomes thinner, resulting in burst a tire is leaking or running.

Tire pressure is not correct is triggered an important reason of blowout. Maximum tire each tire will indicate the tire can bear on the side are the pressure value, if the initial inflation pressure is close to the maximum pressure value, then the hot weather and high speed, tire pressure will rise even more than the maximum pressure value, burst is inevitable.

But if the tire pressure is too low, the tire sidewall ply can withstand pressure pressure greater than the standard, if the long-term pneumatic driving, rubber and cord ply are serious deformation, increase the wear and aging, in this case in the relatively poor roads or large external shocks, then the tire will the irregular deformation, internal cord will cause the cord rapid temperature rise caused by continuous deformation, fatigue, fracture is the consequence of tire cord.

Suggested that the majority of drivers to develop good habits of self check tire pressure, there are a lot of related products on the market, from simple to complex, there are many kinds of. But at least you should prepare a simple tire pressure table, every 1 months check 4 tire pressure, the price is not expensive, is not very troublesome, but can achieve the basic mind. Good maintenance play an important role in car,but you also can find some hot car tools like T300 Key Programmer and Tacho Pro 2008 to help you solve the car problems.


Automotive glass development / knowledge introduction

With the development of automobile and mechanical properties, the speed becomes more and more fast, fierce wind and flying debris into a very serious problem in the driver’s face. In order to reduce the trouble, the twenty’s of last century, various automobile manufacturers with a piece of glass in the car. These initial windshield by flat glass hand cut, but unfortunately when the glass broken, sharp splinters of flat glass will be broken into a large dangerous, and injury to the occupant, which do not meet the windshield installation for safety purpose.

The use of the automobile glass are mainly two types of material, laminated glass and tempered glass. Laminated glass is two layers of glass with a layer of gelatinous membrane overlap between, cannot split completely in the event of damage fracture and diffusion. Even if the occurrence of serious impact, relying on intermediate adhesive film can also be damaged under the circumstances to ensure glass does not fall off and some scattered, remained relatively integrity. Because of this characteristic, in order to ensure the implementation and safety driver set aside to complete in the presence of impact, laminated glass is provided in the front windshield.

Toughened glass in damaged, can spread rapidly into numerous small particles, and it is easy to fall off, in the critical moment can easily escape, and the car side and back by the stone hit probability than the front windshield, therefore, toughened glass is widely used in addition to other parts of the front windshield.

At present, in the use of the car front are laminated glass, cracks can be repaired. In addition to the front, around the window glass is damaged because they would spread quickly and fell off, and therefore can not be repaired. In addition, there are some high-end models used in the side windows of the double-layer tempered glass, in ensuring the safety and also to the greatest degree of mute.

Later in the vehicle development process, the inventors and engineers together, through various kinds of high precision technology, endowed with more powerful function for automotive glass. Below we introduce several of them:

1, the HUD display technology, can be in the front vehicle information, vehicle display glass, such as speed, engine speed, oil etc..
2, clean glass, is through the installation of ionization device on the glass, to avoid the dust absorption in the glass;
3, water repellent glass, the glass surface after fluoride treatment in particular, rain on the glass will condense into water droplets fall, no water stains, see clearly, which can help the driver to make correct judgment;
4, plus nitrogen glass, the glass per square millimeter can withstand the pressure of 1200 kg, even when the car is being hit by a piece of metal at 200 kilometers per hour speed, also can not be broken down.

The window broken more common for glass crack caused by stones and other hard object impact front, initially appeared in these crack point, can be repaired in some professional glass beauty shop, but this type of repair technique for crack area requirement is very high, about one or two cm above the broken area can not repair, can only choose the replacement of glass.

Usually, glass breakage, repair personnel will be made as soon as possible repair, many friends will ask, since the wound has emerged, simply do open, have time to repair. Actually this kind of practice is not correct, with the change of temperature in a day, deformation and heat the cold will cause the glass, and continue to run the drag will further erode the breakage, to bring pressure on it continuously damaged, may be enlarged, if missed the best repair area, may repair the effect will be greatly reduced, so that the window is broken, should be the first time to repair. Find more car tools like Launch X431 iDiag and Creader VIII from There also offer the key programmers and other parts which can help more.