The BMW GT1 Programmer Some Useful Skills To Share

BMW  GT1 is one of the bmw scanners, if you have a bmw scanner , you can use it to check your bmw car and benz car , or you can use it to make the code error be right, and the bmw gt1 programmer is one of the most important bmw scanners, so before you begin to use the BMW GT1 I will show some useful skills to use this tool.

First, if you want to use this bmw programmer you should know which is the bmw gt1 programmer , you can see this picture of the bmw gt1 scanner.

BMW GT1 ProgrammerBMW GT1 ScannerBMW GT1


These are the three images of the bmw gt1 programmer , when you use this scanner , you need to know it well , here is the simple use manual of the BMW GT1 programmer you can see.

1.Please insert the moveable hard disk into your
computer USB port.

2. Select ‘DIS_55_English’ folder in moveable hard disk– double click ‘DIS 55
english.vmx’. the first time the vmware player software are runing,it will show:

3. DIS system will start automatically.

4.If you want to shut down  DIS system ,click the ‘×’ on the top right corner  .

Follow these four tips you can use it well, you should know the bmw gt1 programmer has many functions ,each function has difficult use ways . so before you use this bmw gt1 scanner, you can see this function to make this bmw gt1 scanner work well . Reading below , you will get more.

Read faulty code ,clear faulty code ,data stream .activate state, programming ,component test ,maintenance data information,components location ,wiring diagram etc.,TIS AND DIS ARE SUPPLY all of system diagram of all of BM car, Components location, maintenance method and coding information etc.
– Mobile external USB HDD: Our bm gt1 can work with any pc,it complete the solved the problem that GT1 only work with IBM T30 laptop.
– Indicator: The green indicator light will be showed on when the electric power is supplied.
– Self-protection: GT1 Multiplexer will be turned off by itself if the voltage surpasses 15.8V during your testing.
– Restarting button: It is not necessary to put off cables from GT1 Multiplexer to restart only if you press the green button for 3 seconds.

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