Xi shows common touch with visit to bun eatery

Chinese President Xi Jinping showed off the common touch on Saturday with a surprise visit to a steamed bun restaurant in Beijing where he paid for his food and happily chatted to surprised customers.

In pictures widely shared on China’s Twitter-like microblogging service Sina Weibo, and confirmed by state media, Xi could be seen lining up for his food and posing for photographs, apparently not surrounded by the high security which normally accompanies visits by top leaders.

While such interactions are considered run-of-the-mill in Western countries, they are highly unusual for senior Chinese officials.

Since coming to power as party head in November and president in March, Xi has demanded officials cut down on waste and extravagance and get closer to the people, as part of a broader campaign to root out corruption.

State media said that Xi’s meal of steamed buns, fried liver and stir-fired greens cost 21 yuan ($3.46).

“Uncle Xi is showing that he is one of the people. I approve,” wrote one Weibo user. (Source: China Daily)

Xi shows common touch with visit to bun eatery

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