Original Global Version Launch X431 V come to you

Launch X431 V Full System Automotive Diagnostic Tool with Bluetooth/Wifi has same functions with X431 PRO – X431 V = X431 PRO

Launch X431 V Original Language:

English, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

X431 V Original Bluetooth Distance: 10M (Without Obstacle)

Launch X431 V 1

X431 V is a new diagnostic tool release by Launch tech. It composed of an X-431 V pad computer, a protection sleeve, a DBScar diagnostic connector and many OBD1 to OBD2 connector. It communicate with your car by Launch DBSCAR connect with bluetooth, it read car DTC and do diagnose function by the X431 Pro Pad computer, it achieves Launch X431 series full car model and full system diagnose function, it can replace X431 Diagun III or X431 IV.Meanwhile, taking advantage of mobile internet, it integrates more application and service, such as creating maintenance data base and case library, providing instant maintenance information, establishing public and private maintenance social circle etc. As a result, it builds a broad vehicle diagnostic community, which helps you to share vehicle maintenance knowledge online, exchange vehicle maintenance experience online and provide vehicle maintenance related service support online. This will be another revolution raised by Launch in the vehicle diagnosis industry.

Launch X431 V 2 Launch X431 V 3

X431 V Original Function and Feature:

1. Full Diagnose Function:

X431 V can diagnose the electronic control system of prevailing vehicle models covering Asian, European, American and China. Full range car models and full car system diagnose make it a professional automotive diagnostic tool.

Diagnosis functions include: Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read datastream, Special functions etc;

2. Connecting by Bluetooth

X431 V communication via bluetooth, very easy to use.  X431 V Pad computer specially designed for Android platform with clear and user-friendly interface. X431 V Pad computer equipped with an exclusive X-431 V protection sleeve to prevent it from being damaged;

3. Browser:

Built-in Wi-Fi module makes surfing on the internet freely;


To configure your personalized X-431 V through it;

5. Search:

Enables you to locate your target quickly and conveniently;

6. Email:

Allows you to send and receive email. External POP3 or IMAP email account for some common Web email service provider can be added;

7.File Manager:

You can manage the files or downloaded files stored in SD card efficiently;

8. Other Additional Functions:

Alarm, calendar and calculator etc.

9. Applications:

Other android based applications can be customized to install or uninstall.

X431 V Original DBSCAR Connector Parameter:

Working voltage: 9 ~15V

Average working current: about 35mA

Standby current: about 25mA

Working temperature: -20 to 55 (-4°F to 131°F)

Storage temperature: -30 to 70 (-22°F to 158°F)

Storage humidity: <80%

Working humidity: <60%

Net weight: about 26g


Launch X431 Master is a good automotive diagnostic tool

Launch X431 Master  has the function of read DTCs, read DataStream, actuation test, sensor waveform display and ECU coding. It’s faster to communicate with cars than X-431 by integrated structure to save time in work. It can test most of cars by using the unique 16 PIN connector which integrates the function of all 16 PIN connectors of X-431. 24V operating voltage capability is added to work with different kinds of batteries. It is easier and more convenient to operate than X-431 based on the smart design.


Multi-language available:
English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portugese, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, Germany, Polish, Japanese

X431 Master Features:
1.  Inherited with all diagnosis function of X-431

2.  Full-range Coverage
Capable of nearly all Asian, European, American vehicles makes.
(Audi, BMW, Benz, VW, Volvo, Opel, Toyota, Honda, GM, Ford, Chrysler…)

3.  Full Electronic System
Engine, ABS, SRS, Immobilizer, Body…

4.  Test most of cars by using unique & integrated 16 PIN connector

5.  Faster communication with cars than X-431 by integrated design to save time in work

6.  24V operating voltage capability is added to work with different kinds of batteries

7.  Integrated Smart box, Main Unit and Printer into a single unit

8.  More convenient to operate than X-431 based on the smart design

9.  Printing
Built-in printer for printing testing results Built-in printer for printing testing results

10. Waveform display
Display data stream in waveform

11. Upgrade software anytime and anywhere from internet to keep up with latest models

12. Standard ports
International standard ports
X431 Master Functions:
-Operating system: LINUX
-CPU: 32-bit MPU
-Memory card: 512 M
-Main unit I/O: standard serial/parallel port Main unit I/O: standard serial/parallel port
-Main unit power source: DC 12V/ 24V
-Main unit power: 9W
-Printer: High-speed thermal mini printer
-Printer port: Standard parallel port
-Screen: 240X320 LCD touch screen

Some related tools like Launch X431 Diagun III is also hot, which may help you more.

Launch la carte avec le dernier logiciel+launch smartbox et la carte mère

Où se procurer launch la carte avec le dernier logiciel +launch smartbox et la carte mère?

Obtiennent l’AFFAIRE de TUEUR de MONICA. 369 usd 98024XXX– Conseil de mère du launch X431 + panneau de smartbox +  card de Cf + actualisation de logiciel du launch x431 dernière

Service après-vente :

1. Garantie : deux ans, de la date d’arrivée du produit
2. Support technique: disponible et vie
3. Le plus basprix
4. Essais rigoureux de qualité

Conseil de mère X431

Les costumes de la carte mère X431 au maître X431, X431 et au GX3.This est carte mère multilingue. En attendant, ce conseil soutient la vieille et nouvelle carte de CF en divers volume de 128Mb à 512Mb.

Panneau du launch x431 smartbox

lancez x431 le smartbox, une partie du launch x431, utilisée pour le lancement products.

Avantages de panneau de boîte futé pour le module de balayage superbe (gx3)

– Original du lancement
– Bonne qualité
– La livraison opportune
– Le meilleur prix

X431 Carte de mémoire de CF

Lancez la carte de mémoire des x431 cf card 512MB compatible avec tous les produits du launch X431, tels que le module de balayage X431 superbe, X431 l’infini, X431 l’and  principalX431 GX3.

Actualisation de logiciel X431

Le plus défunt logiciel de mise à jour pour le software  de mise à jour de produit du launch X431


de   : Nous provide and  d’actualisation de logicielle board  de  smartboxselon les clients de numéro de série nous fournissent

Veuillez laisser le numéro de série de Monica, tel que 98024XXX avant vous effectuant le paiement. autrement, nous arrangerons ces articles avec le numéro de série aléatoire

The est environ 2 à 5 jours par l’intermédiaire d’UPS DHL et de SME, 15-30days par l’intermédiaire d’AIR de POTEAU du HK à dans le monde entier

Notez svp: quenous espérons qu’il arrivent à l’heure mais puisque c’est une livraison internationale, embarquant le temps sera fortement dépendu de la compagnie de courier et des coutumes locales/des fonctions. Merci de votre compréhension

About the x431 Diagun Expert version!

X431 Diagun  is a professional diagnostic equipment that is mainly designed for the automotive repairing technician.And it is the necessary choice to the auto maintenance technician ,with its portable design,the quick and easy updating ,professional diagnostic function and the universal diagnostic 16 pin connecter.

There are the outstanding features about the VAS 5054a:
1. the standard equipment for the technicians
2. the only one diagnosis instrument to diagnosis two cars at one time in the world.
3. 100 meters wareless blutooth diagnosis.
4. universal 16 pin diagnosis connecters
5. Fully inherited diagnostic fuction ,and it almost covers with the vehicles from Asia,European and America.
6. quicker speed for the function of the programming
7. more convenient software update
8. 4.3 inches color touched display screen with high quality
9. 1450mAh charged battery
10. 1G memory card
11. universal USB connecter to print and external print can be supported.
12. comprehensive customer service ,one-to-one service.

Diagun can support the printers.

the measured:
LENNOVO:LJ2250/LJ2250N,P3900 all series
BROTHER:P2510,5200/6200MW-120, all series and MW-140BTand MW-260hree models
Others: that’s ok for the printer that supports PCL languages print.

Some Frequently Asked Questions And Answers Relating To x-431diagun

Here we list some frequently asked questions and answers relating to X431 Diagun .
About Online Update
Question:  Downloaded diagnostic program package is not listed in the update tool, what is the reason?
Answer: possible causes and solutions:
1. The downloaded diagnostic program and diagnostic update tool should be in the same folder. Please put them in the same folder.
2. The diagnostic update program may have not been fully downloaded. Please download again.

Question:  When the updated software is used in vehicle diagnosis, some car diagnostic tool program can not be downloaded successfully from the TF card. Why?
Answer: possible causes and solutions:
1. The Display Program may have not been updated. Please update the Display Program.
2. The diagnostic program for the vehicle may be damaged. Please re-download the diagnostic program and update.

About Hardware
Question:  Why the LCD touch screen responds so slowly in cold weather?
Answer: It is because the ambient temperature is close to the lower limit of operating temperature range (0-50 ℃). In this situation, it is necessary to warm up the machine for 30 minutes before test.

Question:  Why there is no character on the backlit screen?
Answer: Check if the power is well connected. Turn off the machine, unplug it and then plug it again for power supply, one second later, try to turn on the machine.

Question:  Why X-431Diagun fails in communication with ECU?
Answer: Please check and make sure that the diagnostic connector and diagnostic program are matching the vehicle make.

Question:  The screen keeps blank after flashing when the machine is turned on.
Answer: Take out the TF card and re-start the machine to check if there is normal display. If the display is normal when the TF card is taken out, the TF card should be replaced. If the screen is still blank, please contact the local service engineer.

Question: Why can’t the data be input after Soft Keyboard is activated?
Answer: The position where the cursor locates can’t be edited. Or you have not activated the cursor in the input position, please use the stylus to click the part to edit. You can input the data if the cursor flashes.

Question:  Why the saved data disappeared?
Answer: There are two possible causes:
1. Your TF card is damaged.
2. You’ve changed language, which is related to the data. You may find the data after switching back to the former language.

Question:  The screen does not respond or responds incorrectly when click with stylus.
Answer: It is necessary to calibrate the screen.

Question:  What can I do when the screen is confused?
Answer: Please quit the current application (interface), and run it again. If the problem still exists, please restart the system.

About System Setting
Question:  The screen is inactive after the cross cursor appears.
Answer: The system is calibrating the touch screen. The machine will work after the calibration completed. Please see “Calibrate Touch Screen” for details.

Question:  The screen does not respond or responds incorrectly when click with stylus.
Answer: It is necessary to calibrate the screen.

Question: The time displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen is incorrect. How to adjust it?
Answer: The time was set incorrectly.

About Operation
Question:  System halts when reading data stream. What is the reason?
Answer: It may be caused by a slackened connector. Please turn off the machine, firmly connect the connector, and switch on the machine again.

Question: The appliance is blank screened after a while during its
Answer: Power saving was set in the power management. Press power key to resume it. Or you can set ‘None’ or extend the standby time in Power Off interface.

Other questions
Question: Screen of main unit flashes at engine ignition moment.
Answer:  Caused by electromagnetic disturbing, and this is normal phenomenon.

Question: Diagnose interrupted during diagnosing process.
Answer: Caused by   electromagnetic disturbing or poor connecting.

Question:  There is no response when communicating with on-board computer.
Answer: Please confirm the proper voltage of power supply and check if the throttle has been closed, the transmission is in the neutral position, and the water is in proper temperature.

Question: The systems equipped with the vehicle can not be diagnosed.
Answer: DLC of some early models is separated; refer to User’s Manual for details.

Question: The fault code storage is blank.
Answer:  Usually, it’s the “suquela” for shared circuit. Please locate and analyze the most similar fault code and its circuit.

Question: There is so much fault code.
Answer:  Usually, it’s caused by poor connection or fault circuit grounding.
Please check and confirm if the Year and make selected is correct or not and if the vehicle is equipped with the right system.

Launch X431 Master–special different from other launch products

There are many launch products hot selling at vtoolshop. Since launch series including launch X431 Diagun, launch gds, launch master, launch gx3, why some customer special choose launch x321 master?

Actually, the difference of  launch X431 Master and other  launch x431 product is that launch  launch x321 master is available in so many language, especialy arabic. launch x321 master is the only one products which provide arabic.

Launch X431 Master carries PDA functions apart from reading trouble code, live data stream or even actuation tests to aid your diagnosis. If you’re after a machine that covers new cars, this is the machine for you. We are talking modern day cars that are up to six or seven years old that are jam packed with electronics.

It can
Open automobile diagnostic functions for almost all vehicles in the world
-Internet update of softwares
-PDA functions
-Multi-language display function
-Printing function

Also great marker car covers:

-for BMW
-for HONDA
-Thailand ISUZU
-Transporter & V-Class

This X431 adopts open diagnostic technology, which is the most advanced in the world as well as the future of automotive diagnosis.

Other advantages:

-Diagnosis on various electronic control system
-Built-in operating system, open diagnostic platform and PDA functions
-Supports extra high-speed transfer of data stream
-Powerful data stream display in waveform format
-Standard hardware compatible to almost all vehicle sockets
-Large LCD touch screen for easier operation
-DEMO functions provide easily accessible help information
-Mini printer for real-time printout of test data
-Multi-language operating interface
-Print out test data any time with built-in printer
-Easy operation through handwriting input on large touch screen
-Strong test capacity to cover all electronic systems
-Unique reading of date stream to ensure fast date updating
-Strong waveform display to monitor any change in the data stream
-Embedded operation system and open-platform diagnosis to make effective diagnosis possible
-Integrated adaptors featuring compact design and reliability
-Complete after-sales service system to give life-long service
-Multi-language choices and easy update via the Internet