13 tips for your safety of using DS708

When you use Maxidas DS708,you should be particular that any problems or support methods encountered do not jeopardize your personal protection. So the basic 15 tips you should obey:

1 Always perform automotive testing in a safe environment.
2 Wear safety eyesight defense that meets ANSI standards.
3 Keep clothing, hair, hands, tools, check equipment, etc. besides all relocating or warm powerplant parts.
4 Operate the auto within a properly ventilated hold out area: Exhaust gases are poisonous.
5 suit the transmission in playground (for automated transmission) or NEUTRAL (for guide transmission) and make specific the parking brake is engaged.
6 Put blocks in top near to the generate wheels and by no shows leave the auto unattended while operating tests.
7 Use severe caution when operating near to the ignition coil, distributor cap, ignition wires and spark plugs. These factors produce hazardous voltages once the powerplant is running.
8 sustain a fire extinguisher appropriate for gasoline/chemical/ electric powered fires nearby.
9 do not connect or disconnect any check items while the ignition is on or even the powerplant is running.
10 sustain the scan product dry, clean, completely free from oil/water or grease. Use a mild detergent over a completely clean cloth to completely  clean the outside near to the scan tool, when necessary.
11 Do not generate the auto and run the scan product on the identical time. Any distractions could possibly final result in an accident.
12 Refer using the support guide using the auto getting serviced and adhere to all diagnostic methods and precautions. Failure to hold out so could final result in non-public injury or otherwise unneeded repair.
13 To prevent damaging the scan product or producing false data, make specific the auto battery is completely charged furthermore to the network using the auto DLC is completely clean and secure.

Note: All these are clarity and helpful tips. Please obey these tips of using our car diagnostic tool. Otherwise,Means you risk bodily harm and /or possible loss of life. We do hope all our customers enjoy happy life.