How to keep the new car’s air fresh?

First of all, is to ensure the sealing performance, imagine, those in the open air car park for a week, a thick layer of ash car, how to resist not seamless into PM2.5 particles? So, we must ensure that all the windows and door seal intact, if strip because of the aging and hair the hard, also affect the sealing effect, we need to use special rubber maintenance agent, it can make the rubber elasticity.
There is one very important point, that is to enhance the filtering capacity of the air filter. Of course, you say I never use air conditioning, it is another when the other theory, but if use air conditioning, air conditioning and no filter or filtration effect is poor, the PM2.5 particles and can be easily with the air-conditioning lines into the compartment. So, in order not to give the green light PM2.5 particles, we must improve the performance of the air filter on the car, no filter and filter, a filter should be high performance filter with pollen filter function in use, carbon composition contains the filter of PM2.5 particles in the air can absorb the equivalent of medical, principle protective mask.

Some new car smell is emitted, but the majority of new distributed by the new car smell is very mild, and some owners even feel that new car smell good smell. Whether good or pungent, the new car smell is definitely not healthy odor, just according to the influence of different models on the human body or big or small. On the car, car paint, adhesive itself with some plastics or composite material components, born with some harmful substance. In addition, car cushion, foot pad and some interior activities also release some poisonous gases do not see, had severe decoration vehicle is even more so.

Although the PM2.5 particles in the environment are the same terrible, but most of the time the air quality is not bad. Therefore, experts suggest should try to use the car inside and outside the air circulation to dilute existing toxic pollutants in vehicle. Even if the factory car pollution is serious, can persist as long as the window driving, only need two months can be the vehicle pollutants disappear.

As we all know, air conditioning can refrigeration, can play the role of wet pumping. This is why advocate people to stay a long time to pay attention to the water. In the air conditioning room or compartment. So, even in the rainy weather conditions, temperature is not high, the owners should consciously open for a period of time the air conditioning in the destination former, remove moisture build-up in the carriage.
In the sunny days, quilt hold on to the balcony bask in, can effectively prevent mildew and odor generation, this is perhaps the most primitive means of disinfection is the most convenient and cheap. Can your car, surrounded by the window with a heat insulation film dark, almost all have no chance to enjoy the sun and the carriage. If you like the quilt, in the good weather days, take time to shake off the door window glass, all open, let the carriage through a gas, enjoy sunbathing, mould nature have no place to hide.

Here also recommend the useful and hot car diagnostic tool like:

MB Star C4  is the professional diagnostic equipment for Mer-Bz cars manufactured, it is the replacement of HHT. IBM Compact 4 operates based on the Windows XP system.

MB STAR C4 Function
– 1989~up to now Car, Bus, Truck, Sprint, Smart; (support:W204,W212,W207)
– All electric system Diagnostic; (Do not include flash code);
– Reading out and erasing trouble code; reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator; testing the components of cars; coding and programming.
– Realizes all the function of official factory Mer-Bz compact 3.
– C4 Multiplexer can connect to factory computer and IBM laptop.
– Complete maintenance data. It could offer full disassembly and assembly circuit diagram, working principle and element place anytime needed. It is the best assistant for maintenance man.


Some FAQ about car diagnostic tool

Some FAQ about car diagnostic tool

Question: Why is there no character in the printed paper?
Answer: The paper is mounted reversely. Please take out the paper and mount it again. See the section “Printer Operation” in the User’s Manual.

Question: Why can’t I input data after activating Soft Keyboard?
Answer: The position where the cursor lies can’t be edited. Or you have not activated the 0cursor on the input position. Use the stylus to click the part to edit. When the cursor twinkles, you can input the data.

Question: What should I do if I am not able to switch from Active Taskbar to the running application interface?
Answer: Please close interfaces related to the application, such as the Help or Detail.

Question: Why does the saved data disappear?
Answer: There are two possible causes:
1. Your CF card is damaged. It is necessary to make a new CF card.
2. You’ve changed language and the data is related to language. You may find the data after switching back to the former language.

Question: What can I do when the screen is confused?
Answer: Please quit the current application (interface), and run it again. If the problem still exists, please restart the system.

Question: How to know what applications (interfaces) are opened.
Answer: Click the active taskbar icon, then the pop-up list will display the applications (interfaces) opened.

Question: Why can’t I do operation in current interface?
Answer: There are two possible causes:
1. Your current interface has exited illegally. In this situation, you may not see the name of the application (interface) in the pop-up list when you click the active taskbar icon.
2. The system is busy, please wait patiently, or click the active taskbar icon to switch to another application.

You can find other car tools like ELM327 Bluetooth from the

EEPROM & MCU APPLICATIONS For Zed Bull Key Programmer

The Zed Bull Key Programmer Eeprom & Mcu application list is as below. As long as new solutions are obtained number of the aaplications will be increased soon, new applications will be added to software with new updates. Eeprom & Mcu applications have token system, for each application 1 token is needed.

Important Notes:
-User must use external IC programmer to read the Eeproms and Mcus.
-The pictures of the IC programmer in Zed-Bull Pc software is for brand Omega-Mtrk IC Programmer.
-Omega-Mtrk IC Programmer covers all the applications in the list and we suggest this programmer.But user is free to use any of the IC programmers in the market.
-According to the features of IC Programmer, all the Eeproms and Mcus might need to be desoldered from immo board. For most of the IC programmers in the market Eeproms and Mcus must be desoldered from immo board.
-While desoldering the Eeproms and Mcus, user must be very carefull, since the pins of the Eeproms and Mcus are thin, they might be broken if not disoldered slowly and properly.
-When an Eeprom or Mcu is read with IC Programmer, we strongly recommend user to save a copy of the original Eeprom or Mcu data file. When a problem occurs while using the file , copy of the original file will be still holding the needed datas and might be used for recovery.
-The Eeprom or Mcu must be soldered back in the same direction when it is desoldered.
-While soldering back the Eeprom or Mcu, user must be carefull against unwanted short circuits between pins.
-While reading motorola Mcus, removing the security of the Mcu is suggested. If the Mcu is read without removing the security, all the informations might be deleted for some Mcu types. So user must be carefull about this detail while reading Mcus.
-Some non-original IC programmers in the market might delete Eeprom and Mcu datas while reading. Using original IC programmers is suggested.
-While desoldering the Eeprom or Mcu, user must be careful about not desoldering the neighbour components on the immo board accidentaly.
-For BMW applications, user must be careful about the key number. When customer wants spare key, the original customer key should be read and the key number should be noted. In the PC software window proper key number should be selected.

To make key which directly starts the car for the modules 11,12, and 18 few additional steps required. The prosedure is as below:
1. Desolder the Eeprom or Mcu from immo board.
2. Read Eeprom or Mcu with external IC Programmer.
3. Save the read file with “.bin” extension with any name and to any location as you wish.
4. Open the file that you saved, using the Zed-Bull Pc Software, insert the suitable transponder to the antenna and click the “programme transponder” button on Zed-BULL Pc Software, precoded transponder is prepared.
5. Do not remove the transponder from antenna, press “Create Image File” button on Extended Function Menu. Save the file with different name such as“…..image.bin” in order not to overwrite on to the previous file.
6. Using the IC programmer write the file that you saved to the eeprom or Mcu of the immo board. The process is completed. The tranponder will start the car directly.
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13 tips for your safety of using DS708

When you use Maxidas DS708,you should be particular that any problems or support methods encountered do not jeopardize your personal protection. So the basic 15 tips you should obey:

1 Always perform automotive testing in a safe environment.
2 Wear safety eyesight defense that meets ANSI standards.
3 Keep clothing, hair, hands, tools, check equipment, etc. besides all relocating or warm powerplant parts.
4 Operate the auto within a properly ventilated hold out area: Exhaust gases are poisonous.
5 suit the transmission in playground (for automated transmission) or NEUTRAL (for guide transmission) and make specific the parking brake is engaged.
6 Put blocks in top near to the generate wheels and by no shows leave the auto unattended while operating tests.
7 Use severe caution when operating near to the ignition coil, distributor cap, ignition wires and spark plugs. These factors produce hazardous voltages once the powerplant is running.
8 sustain a fire extinguisher appropriate for gasoline/chemical/ electric powered fires nearby.
9 do not connect or disconnect any check items while the ignition is on or even the powerplant is running.
10 sustain the scan product dry, clean, completely free from oil/water or grease. Use a mild detergent over a completely clean cloth to completely  clean the outside near to the scan tool, when necessary.
11 Do not generate the auto and run the scan product on the identical time. Any distractions could possibly final result in an accident.
12 Refer using the support guide using the auto getting serviced and adhere to all diagnostic methods and precautions. Failure to hold out so could final result in non-public injury or otherwise unneeded repair.
13 To prevent damaging the scan product or producing false data, make specific the auto battery is completely charged furthermore to the network using the auto DLC is completely clean and secure.

Note: All these are clarity and helpful tips. Please obey these tips of using our car diagnostic tool. Otherwise,Means you risk bodily harm and /or possible loss of life. We do hope all our customers enjoy happy life.

Vcads Pro – OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Tool To fix your car

Volvo VCADS Pro 2.35.00 or named the vcads pro , it’s the obd 2 car diagnostic tool which you can use this car tool to check your car error and make yourself to fix your car well, so how to use the volvo vcads pro tool? how to use this car tool to fix our cars. Here I will show step by step to let you fix your car well .

First, Let’s take a look at this vcads pro images, then you will make clearly know that this tool you can use very easy.

Vcads Pro 2.35.00


Vcads Pro 2.35.00


Second, how to use this vcads pro ?

You should know this tool is just the car diagnostic tool , so only when you know the obd 2 well can you use this car tool well, so before you use the vcads tool , yoou should install the software rightly and then use it in the right way. Here is the software install manual yoou can see.

1. Operate the file ” setup.exe”
2. Choose this ID to install the software: 401276
3. After setup, operate the file “vcads_after_setup.reg” on the patch
folder.4. Check if you can see the mark “MS SQL Server Service Manager” on
the lower right corner of your computer, you can refer to the picture
5. Operate the VCADS on your computer desktop, input the ID 401276.

If you use the vcads tool rightly you can easily use some other car diagnostic tools ,such as digimaster 3, launch creader v,Launch X431 Cresetter because all these tools are the obd 2 tools , you can use them in the same way.


Using the Carprog full v4.1 diagnostic tool which is good for diagnosing your car

Carprog full v4.1 is the auto diagnostic tool , you can use this car tool to diagnose your car , so use well with this tool can be good for your car , but the main question is that  , how to use this carprog full v4.1 , how to make the carprog full v4.1 work well, here I can give you the suggestion and the tips to help you learn to use the carprog full v4.1.

and then, keep known well with the function and the details about the carprog full v4.1  , Here let me show the images of the carprog full v4.1:

CarProg Full V4.1CarProg Full V4.1CarProg Full V4.1CarProg Full V4.1

See the main function of the carprog full v4.1 here :

– Make the Universal tool – CARPROG inside have powerful 16-bit MPU and full set of automotive interface drivers. In basic version you will get hardware with extra functions: 12 input/output pins forEEPROM in-circuit programmer, future possibility’s to make on the same hardware Microcontroller programmer, Immobiliser Transponder Key programmer with antenna adapter for 125/134 kHz, K-line diagnostic (dashboard odometer programming, immobilizer key programming), CAN line diagnostic,+5V/+12V output, USB, power supply only from USB.
– Make the Low Cost tool – with CARPROG basic you will receive many extra functions (like car radio code calculator CC1, EEPROM programmer and VAG dashboard’s programmer by CAN) and all additional software’s you can buy extra according your need.
– Make it User Friendly – Windows XP software, works without any installations, on all PC, use USB to PC link, all adapters schematics diagrams on-line.

Second , find the best chinese supplier which you can quickly and easily get this tool , I recommand you go to have a look ,this online china auto scanner store provides kinds of good car diagnostic tools all over the world, you can find it.

Last, Use it ,the carprog full v4.1 you can use to connect to the computer and to diagnose your car ,so ,after you have got this tool , you can use it and to check your car fault error, and then make it work well.