Car light and the signal device play a important role of a car

In order to ensure the car drive safely and work properly, in the modern automobile is equipped with a variety of lighting and signal device to illuminate the road marking vehicle width, lighting, interior compartments and the indication of the instrument and night repairation. In addition, in turn, braking and reversing the condition of car should also emits light signal and sound signal.

1. The lighting device

-The light device outside the car has two function , the first is lighting ,and the second is taken as a decoration.The front lamp is one importance of the car ,and you know that the lamp lights farther the safer the car will be.With the development of automobile technology, automobile headlight also has very big change. In modern cars, the detachable incandescent bulbs and incandescent vacuum headlight has been eliminated, and replace sb. Halogen headlights, a few years will sweep across the whole world, become the main force of car headlight.

Headlamp is the light for the car to light in the night , it can emit far light and near light . High beam in with no cars, the car traveling at higher speeds when using. High beam shall ensure that in front of 100m or farther way are bright and uniform illumination. Near light is used in passing and urban bright road . when car meets, in order to avoid an oncoming car driver dizzy and danger, headlights could be strong Yuanguang into weaker luminosity and near light beam.

The lighting device installed in the car

The lights inside the car are beautiful .It includes a cab, carriage car lights and lamps in the vehicle door lamp and trunk lights etc..

In order to facilitate maintenance engine at night, the car also has a hood lamp. car should also be equipped with enough light line work lamp ( behavior ),when use it ,to put the plug in the socket.

Cab panel instrument panel lamp. On some cars, instrument panel can not be
opened at the same time and the cab ceiling light.

2 The signal device

Turn signal lamp are installed on the front end and the back ,the left orright sides of the car body. Before the drive turns , according to turn left or turn right, corresponding to the switch on the left or right side of the turn signal lamp, to notify the traffic police, pedestrians and other vehicles driver. In order to attract people’s attention during the day, turn signal lamp brightness is very strong. In addition to impress each other, in turn signal lamp circuit is provided with a steering signal flasher, in order to make the turn signal lights to flash. Flashing turn signal lamp can be set separately, and can also forward together, in the latter case, generally with the two filament bulb. Also some after the turn signal lamp and rear light is integrated.

This is about the light device of the car and the signal device of the the ,They are a part of the car but they paly an important role of it.