2013 global Auto Companies sales

Toyota Group is expected reelection highest car company in Laurel of Global car sales, nearly 10 million units sold last year ; General Motors and Volkswagen will occupy the other two seats in the top three, with the difference is extremely small, compared to 2012 while shortening the distance with Toyota.

November 2013, covering Toyota, Hino and Daihatsu three business department, the Toyota Group in November worldwide sales of 861,000 vehicles, compared with November 2012, an increase of 9.8%. 1-11 January, Toyota ‘s worldwide cumulative sales reached a new high of 9.093 million units, representing a slight rise of 1.8%.

In August 2013, Toyota announced production and marketing plan, its global sales target set last year to 9.96 million, compared to 9.748 million in 2012, an increase of 2.2%, but less than the earlier target by 10,000 vehicles. But according to the pre- November sales estimates, Toyota is likely to be higher than the annual sales target, the impact of 10 million mark. Japanese media said that if in December 2012 over the same period to maintain the level, then Toyota’s annual sales of 9.993 million.

Whether the target 9.96 million, or 9.993 million from media estimates, the Toyota Group ‘s sales have exceeded General Motors and Volkswagen Group.

General Motors recently announced that in the fourth quarter of 2013 achieved worldwide sales of 2,463,380 vehicles, compared with the fourth quarter of 2012 2,342,247 vehicles, an increase of 5.2 %. Last year, GM sold 9,714,652 vehicles worldwide, compared to 9,297,074 in 2012 (published figure was 9,285,991 last year ) vehicles, an increase of 4.5%.

According to the public data, if you do not include Mann and two commercial vehicle subsidiary of Scania, Volkswagen Group in December 2013 global sales of 833,200 units, compared to December 2012 ‘s 784,100 vehicles, an increase of 6.3 %. Last year, the Volkswagen Group’s global light vehicle sales of 9.5 million delivery, compared with 9.3 million in 2012, representing a rise of 4.8%.

Since the Volkswagen data is not accurate, the current media temporarily finds GM slightly beyond Volkswagen, ranked second in the sales charts last year. Volkswagen is expected to release exact sales figures when publish the 2013 financial data.


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Cadillac 2013 sales up 67% in China

Cadillac sales in the Chinese market is growing rapidly , over half of last year, an increase of more than one month . 2013 full year , Cadillac sales in China to 50,005 , compared to 30,010 in 2012 , a sharp rise of 66.6% year on year , reaching a record annual sales record.

Cadillac SRX continues to be its most popular models , which sold 26,897 , 2012 sales of 21,698 , an increase of 24.0%. Cadillac XTS in the first year after listing sales reached 20,101 units. In addition, in November last year, just listed Cadillac ATS year sales of 2,154 units.

Last year, the Cadillac brand has started in Shanghai GM Jinqiao plant production. Prior to 2016 , the brand will add a model in China every year . By the end of 2013 , Cadillac dealership in China has increased from 69 at the end of 2011, around 200 .

Former General Motors CEO Exxon has said Cadillac sales in China to the United States will eventually emulate . Shanghai GM made Cadillac brand will achieve the “Double Ten ” strategy, which exceeded 10 million units by 2015, annual sales in China to achieve a 10% share of the luxury car market in 2020 . According to some institutions are expected in 2020 China sales of 2.7 million in luxury cars , Cadillac sales in China are expected when more than 250,000 .


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Good News Toyota RAV4 EV Will be Unveiled Next Week

Toyota may debut its all-electric RAV4 EV in a month’s time inside Los angeles on the Foreign Power Automobile Symposium. Truly, Toyota announced that this power compact SUV will be formulated jointly with power automaker Tesla, who developed the fleet connected with power RAV4 prototypes intended for Toyota to try.

Currently, you can find zero all-electric reasonably priced compact SUVs available for sale from the U. S. Although Toyota’ s power RAV4 will be the first inside its course, Autoblog accounts so it may primarily become sold in Ca. Continue to, Autoblog surmises them to “ could not become in any respect astonished if Toyota gives the RAV4 EV on some type of restrained, state-by-state rollout, like the U. S. launches from the Nissan Leaf as well as the Ford Concentrate Power. ”

Autoblog driven the prototype from the power RAV4 not too long ago along with reported the best way pleased we were holding while using automobile. “ Most of all, if you’re relocating alongside, the RAV4 EV seems amazingly strong, sliding via traffic just simply the way in which we all really want the quiet power cars or trucks to move. It is the portion where a person found yourself in the cease that isn’t specifically suitable. Right now, the regenerative brakes on the RAV4 EV are generally shockingly intense. ”

Toyota possesses simply exposed the endorsed teaser photo from the RAV4 EV’ s power banner, along with full specialization skills along with the same gas economic climate results have not recently been announced yet. “ Toyota affirms the RAV4 EV’s assortment could reach about 75 miles, which is what most carmakers quotation for their EVs previous to EPA diagnostic tests, ” Kicking Auto tires accounts.

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The show about Mazda May Drop V6 in Mazda6, CX-9

Recently, we’ ve observed automakers such as BMW change six-cylinder applications along with scaled-down, turbocharged four-cylinder mills inside autos like the 2012 328i, 528i as well as the approaching 2013 X3. At this point, first accounts show that will Mazda may perhaps comply with match if that redesigns the Mazda6 along with CX-9.

Robert Davis, Mazda’ s mature vice chief executive connected with U. S. surgical procedures, talked along with Automobile along with New driver to be able to discuss Mazda’ s Skyactiv applications, along with what individuals can get from the automaker from now on. “ The 6 sedan along with CX-9 currently offer you six-cylinders (various on the Mazda 6 along with regular on the CX-9); the fresh, lighter 6 will make perform along with four-cylinders (we all in addition anticipate the a mix of both version from the upcoming 6, although Davis affirms a brand new CX-9, which often will be lighter in addition, might get energy along with excellent gas economic climate from the increased four-cylinder, ” is currently writing Automobile along with New driver. Subsequently, Mazda will be aimed at developing four-cylinder applications, along with a brand new rotary powerplant, that has been previous observed on the 2011 Mazda RX-8.

Moving from the V6 applications can help Mazda’ s brand-new cars or trucks get better gas economic climate, nevertheless it may possibly also assist Mazda reduces costs of output. Still left Lane Media affirms, “ The step can help match progressively cid world gas economic climate standards along with should allow Mazda to be able to concentrate its vitality on developing along with making high-volume four-cylinder mills. ”

While power-hungry automobile customers include traditionally chose bigger applications, design advancements include granted technicians to be able to contract additional energy outside lower cylinders. “ The fresh four-cylinder applications produce all the energy because six- and even eight-cylinder applications, yet use fewer gas along with make lower air-borne pollutants, ” affirms the Detroit No cost Press. “ They obtain that thanks to turbocharging, high-pressure injection connected with gas specifically to the cylinders, electric settings along with brand-new transmissions. ”

Car customers usually seem prepared to admit the motivate to be able to scaled-down applications, if that doesn’ to influence performance. Aaron Bragman, the analyst during IHS, the vitality along with engineering talking to company, informs the Detroit No cost Press, “ People in america are prepared to admit scaled-down applications if there is energy. This is when the marketplace will be went. ”

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The way to fix a Audi A6 2.8 ABS

Somebody may find that his Audi A62.8’s ABS light warning all the time.
So We check for it and find that it true that it is same as the user said.After testing the car , the ABS system malfunction, the four wheels from locking in emergency braking. The observed four-wheel brake drag India quite,we can confirm the four-wheel braking force is balanced,so it is little likely that the hydraulic system leaks.



Link failing analysis equipment Sixth is v. The. G1552 AB MUSCLES program screening as well as discovered which 2 from the which means associated with failing for that AB MUSCLES pump motor provide voltage failing, the best back steering wheel pace sensor open up or even brief signal about the cathode problem signal. The actual ideas from the problem signal, We chose to know what the actual actuator overall performance, and then the utilization of analysis gear for that analysis from the procedure from the actuator. Throughout hydraulic pump motor overall performance check, the actual AB MUSCLES hydraulic pump motor V39 isn’t motion, your pedal vibration feeling. Based on this particular trend, the writer evaluates 3 types of feasible leads to: hydraulic pump motor V39 is actually broken, the actual exchange issue, or even hydraulic manage device harm. We additionally completed additional aspects of the actual check, four-wheel braking pressure within the screening procedure is actually minor, as well as all of us rapidly missed.
Next I prepare to read some date to find something useful, then entered the data flow of the ABS system.and we lift the vehicle and turning the wheel by our hands,then observe the 001 sets of data, the results of diagnostic equipment have shown that the right rear wheel speed is zero, it seems that the wheel speed signal is not the ABS control unit Which led to the likelihood of this phenomenon are generally three: no signal, not the signal lines or control cell damage. so we carried out the detection of the following steps.
1. To detect the right rear wheel speed signal.
Using the Oscilloscope directly measured on the right rear wheel speed sensors, resulting in signal voltage amplitude increased with the speed increases, the frequency response is good.
2. To detect of left rear wheel speed signal.
The same way to detect it ,and the frequency response is good too. ABS system’s control unit does not store the left rear wheel sensor failure, we adjust the gap of the left rear wheel sensor first, but the waveform is still the same situation.
3. Then we set the left rear wheel speed sensor connected to the signal line of the right rear wheel, to use the diagnostic equipment to read data.
After connecting, the results of equipment shows the right rear wheel speed is zero. It appears to be the internal problems of signal lines or control unit. To this end, we decided to detect the related wiring harness. After testing, the right rear signal line terminal 15 power supply pin, the battery 30 power supply pin and ground pin are normal. Based on the above measurement results, I determine the hydraulic pump the V39 relays or hydraulic control unit, but further demolition of the inspection.
Bosch ABS pump prices nearly million, so I decided to be overhauled, and try to fix. So I opened the ABS hydraulic pump hydraulic control unit, relay burned, it was discovered, the board also damage. According to the observed failure phenomenon, I solder recovery circuit board so that the conduction and the use of an external relay to replace the damage to the built-in relay. After fault diagnostic apparatus for the operation of the actuator diagnosis, V39 back to work.
After I opened the ABS control unit, upon inspection, the internal pins are connected by very fine wires, attached to a ceramic chip. In the right rear wheel of the input pin is found, root fine wire circuit. To this end, I use the wire to welded well. After the use of diagnostic equipment to read data, the right rear signal back to normal, while the signal waveform differences would cease to exist.
Above all , the car ABS system failure has been resolved. However, due to the external structure of the ABS has already been destroyed, so we have to do the packaging work, to ensure sealing, vibration resistance.