2013 global Auto Companies sales

Toyota Group is expected reelection highest car company in Laurel of Global car sales, nearly 10 million units sold last year ; General Motors and Volkswagen will occupy the other two seats in the top three, with the difference is extremely small, compared to 2012 while shortening the distance with Toyota.

November 2013, covering Toyota, Hino and Daihatsu three business department, the Toyota Group in November worldwide sales of 861,000 vehicles, compared with November 2012, an increase of 9.8%. 1-11 January, Toyota ‘s worldwide cumulative sales reached a new high of 9.093 million units, representing a slight rise of 1.8%.

In August 2013, Toyota announced production and marketing plan, its global sales target set last year to 9.96 million, compared to 9.748 million in 2012, an increase of 2.2%, but less than the earlier target by 10,000 vehicles. But according to the pre- November sales estimates, Toyota is likely to be higher than the annual sales target, the impact of 10 million mark. Japanese media said that if in December 2012 over the same period to maintain the level, then Toyota’s annual sales of 9.993 million.

Whether the target 9.96 million, or 9.993 million from media estimates, the Toyota Group ‘s sales have exceeded General Motors and Volkswagen Group.

General Motors recently announced that in the fourth quarter of 2013 achieved worldwide sales of 2,463,380 vehicles, compared with the fourth quarter of 2012 2,342,247 vehicles, an increase of 5.2 %. Last year, GM sold 9,714,652 vehicles worldwide, compared to 9,297,074 in 2012 (published figure was 9,285,991 last year ) vehicles, an increase of 4.5%.

According to the public data, if you do not include Mann and two commercial vehicle subsidiary of Scania, Volkswagen Group in December 2013 global sales of 833,200 units, compared to December 2012 ‘s 784,100 vehicles, an increase of 6.3 %. Last year, the Volkswagen Group’s global light vehicle sales of 9.5 million delivery, compared with 9.3 million in 2012, representing a rise of 4.8%.

Since the Volkswagen data is not accurate, the current media temporarily finds GM slightly beyond Volkswagen, ranked second in the sales charts last year. Volkswagen is expected to release exact sales figures when publish the 2013 financial data.


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Be be familiar with the OBD ii Scanenrs

Do you know the obd ii scanners?

May be you have little about the car diagnostic tools if you don’t have a car ,but if you have a car ,you may have a quick look,because it’s helpful if there is something wrong with your cars. we know that there are many obd 2 scanners,different scanners have different function,and different tools have different language.some  car scanners need the right software to update that it can work right and effectively.So here I list some car scanners , these scanners you may know, or you are don’t know.but you can have a look.

The launch x431 tools:

Launch Tech Co Ltd was founded in 1993 and is the first professional high-tech company of in China for developing, producing and selling manufacture that providing a full range of Auto Diagnosis, Auto Testing, Auto Cleaning equipment and service solutions for workshops. Launch was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002 (HK STOCK CODE: 8196) and is one of the first Domestic enterprises which successfully financed in Hong Kong.

The company produce the Launch X431 tool all over the world .

For example :

Launch X431 Diagun Red Boxobd ii company

X431 BMW OLD 20 pin

X431 Nissan diagnostic scanner Parts

X431 Tool Smart Box

are the company’s products.

The airbag reset tools:

For example :

Airbag Resetting and Anti-Theft Code Reader .

You know that your car ‘s airbag right? and the Airbag reset tools is the tool of it.when your airbag breaks or has some problems you may need it.

 There are the parts of the car scanners,when your car need protect or repairing, you may need the car scanners.

Digimaster III or name Digimaster 3- Your Car Scanner Tool

Digimaster III automobile odometer calibration / adjustable instrument table Digimaster 3 Advantech genuine which is the world’s top automotive digital programming device! This new top product DIGIMASTER-III, the latest A6L Q7odometer diagnosis export adjustment, hold the new Mercedes-Benz BMW key programmer matching!
Digimaster iii’s Function:

Digimaster III

The digimaster iii is made up with digital electronic control system programming and car alarm system integrated repair equipment, automotive instrumentation, computer, computer, an engine anti-theft computer data calibration and computer program matching, as well as the audio decryption, key to match the car special programmer.
It is different from the ordinary auto.The digimaster iii an intelligent, networked, multiple functions, multiple forms of diagnostic programming device, easily experience cutting-edge smart car repair technology!
Eight intelligence, security intelligence technology platform:
It is based on embedded operating system, intelligent security network platform, the application module, to realize the function of infinite freedom; It’s also with super graphics decode which allows you to easily with online voice and video training; The safety technology . the third generation technology platform security level to upgrade in the round, the use of ” bank” safety standards the three generation of products hardware anti crack, software copy protection, protection of the rights and interests of genuine users;
Consumption flexible
-online recharge, offline use, users are free to choose according to the module consumption or by time consumption; perfect man-machine interface -Based on IE core technology, supporting a rich webpage media elements and advanced skin interface, show a friendly man-machine interface. Using UNICODE code, to support international all language; a strong network of use -using advanced wired, wireless Internet technology, easy network query, webpage browsing, online communication function and so on, not constrained by time and distance, instant enjoy perfect technical with good services;
Solaris live Upgrade
-using the intelligent FTP online upgrade synchronism, new functional upgrading zero period and it immediately upgrade for immediate using. It has third generation technology platform to establish dual server architecture, real-time support models add, also it is made up with manufacturers to develop simultaneously in the touch screen;
-It is imported 800* 480 digital high-definition color screen and accurate touch technology which let it more stable performance, more flexible operation
operation is simple
-It has picture type guiding operation, network platform online technical and customer service support.
Main function of Digimaster III:
1. Odometer correction 2. Audio decoding 3. Airbage reset 4. ECU programming 5. PIN Code Reading 6. BMW key programming