Don’t ignore the vehicle inspection in winter

Recently, the cooler weather, the minimum temperature of the northern part of China has been close to 0 degrees Celsius or even lower, here need to remind owners promptly to the car remained in the glass of water to check, if the area low temperature has to be changed into the antifreeze glass of water, so as to avoid the cracking kettle glass or pipeline etc.. If your car you determine the residual in the glass of water, the best way is to get them out, then replace the antifreeze glass of water. Of course, if the residual is not too much, can also direct the antifreeze glass of water into the mixed use, can also play a certain effect of anti freezing.

If found to have obvious coagulation performance glass water spouts some difficulties or when the glass of water jet, the glass of water has frozen or frozen, then do not press the eject button glass water, avoid burning out the glass of water injection device. If you use a glass of water, recommendations on temperature for a period of time the standby cabin rose after the try out, also can be to glass kettle blending some hot water to open completely after ejection.

Summer and autumn rainfall, so during the wiper used very frequently. Plus rain, gum, guano and relatively inferior glass water interaction, can let the rain wiper blade earlier damage, affect the use. After the winter cold weather will accelerate the aging of rubber rain wiper blade, led directly to the cleaning effect of the glass windshield variation, affecting driving safety. So before winter can check their own work effect of rain wiper blade, when the aging or is unable to achieve the cleaning effect, can consider replacing.

With the decrease of temperature, tire rubber is easy to harden, compared to the summer more prone to cracking and to accelerate the aging, so before winter tires to conduct a comprehensive inspection. When it is discovered that the scars or serious aging, it is recommended to the professional repair shop for advice, when necessary, suggested a direct replacement. Also on the different seasons tire pressure adjustment views are different, we learn from the professional to, as long as the standard fetal instructions marked on the pressure value of tire, the car without deliberately adjusted higher or lower tire pressure.


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Cooler autumn weather, the temperature will be lower in foggy, in this season, you should pay special attention to cream outlet wind is normal except windshield glass, heat enough, if there is a problem, to solve, otherwise, will bring unsafe factors to your driving. Similar to tire of the truth, the cooler weather can cause the belt to accelerated aging, aging serious belt because of toughness, easy to loose, slipping, so to check the belt carefully in the winter before. But checking belt general to carry out with the help of a professional, once found the aging damage, need to develop the habit of regular and relatively frequent habit of checking, serious when shall timely replacement.