Car Tire maintenance

The blowout accident, there are many because of tire aging not timely replacement caused by. The rubber as the raw material of tire storage there is life after aging, elasticity and toughness will be greatly reduced, service life longer burst probability is higher. According to the official statement tire manufacturers, general tire life ought to be in 2 years or 6-8 million km intervals.
In order to avoid tire blowout accident caused by aging, we should understand the car tire production period, and the last change date, at the same time, to understand the life of the tire, so as to achieve the heart spectrum. We learn from the professional, if you use is not frequent, and the car environment is not bad, it is best to have a garage can ensure the temperature relatively small, general tire normal use of 4-5 years is not a problem, of course, the premise is frequently check, as small as possible. The use of love.

In addition to the rolling wear normal, and is part of the other external injury, parking in the crowded city sometimes need on the curb, in the outskirts of poor road conditions, rolling stones will make the tire from excessive wear local, this is inevitable. So in the normal driving, develop around the car a week habit, have a look the tire has no trauma, if it is found that the bulge phenomenon or injury shall timely treatment or replacement.

The tire side is the place where the tire the weakest, and we in the parking time, especially when the stop on the road if not available easily tire side and rubbed in the course of time will make on the curb, sidewall becomes thinner, resulting in burst a tire is leaking or running.

Tire pressure is not correct is triggered an important reason of blowout. Maximum tire each tire will indicate the tire can bear on the side are the pressure value, if the initial inflation pressure is close to the maximum pressure value, then the hot weather and high speed, tire pressure will rise even more than the maximum pressure value, burst is inevitable.

But if the tire pressure is too low, the tire sidewall ply can withstand pressure pressure greater than the standard, if the long-term pneumatic driving, rubber and cord ply are serious deformation, increase the wear and aging, in this case in the relatively poor roads or large external shocks, then the tire will the irregular deformation, internal cord will cause the cord rapid temperature rise caused by continuous deformation, fatigue, fracture is the consequence of tire cord.

Suggested that the majority of drivers to develop good habits of self check tire pressure, there are a lot of related products on the market, from simple to complex, there are many kinds of. But at least you should prepare a simple tire pressure table, every 1 months check 4 tire pressure, the price is not expensive, is not very troublesome, but can achieve the basic mind. Good maintenance play an important role in car,but you also can find some hot car tools like T300 Key Programmer and Tacho Pro 2008 to help you solve the car problems.


Some useful tips for you to ensure the safety of the children

Although the safety seat is not unfamiliar to many people, but in the use of the rate of penetration is still low, for many parents, safety seat is a not essential items, however, from a security point of view, the child safety seat for children is the best protection. In many countries in Europe and America, will accompany the child safety seat until around the age of 12, but in our country, after many children go to school even walk after it is no longer safe seat. Of course, along with the growth of the age, height exceeds a certain height after the use of safety seats to be inconvenient, but in a child with no autonomous behavior ability before, be sure to use safety seat.

Many buy a seat’s parents have a confused, seat end should be installed at the back of the left or right? We found that many users are each sticks to his argument in the network. We consulted professionals, placed on seat in fact each have advantages and disadvantages, the owner can choose differ from man to man. If the seat is placed in the back left, the driver behind the position is relatively safe, right rear if people can smoothly from the right side on and off.

The disadvantage of the front of the driver is unable from the rear-view mirror observed the situation of children, and the children get on and off from the left. If the seat backward installed, have certain requirements for the back row space, so the front driver’s posture to make some compromise. The space is spacious and the rear and adults ride situations, suggestions will be placed in the rear left seat.

Many people the car when used to wine and dine, for adults, this habit is very bad, for children this behavior more to stop. During the running process of the vehicle is very unstable, children eat easy choking, serious will endanger life, so eating must park the vehicle stability.

Most cars will be equipped with a safety lock, the locking mechanism can ensure the door from inside the car can not be opened, only open the door from the outside can, when children ride advised parents to use the device, to prevent the children touch error touch the door of danger. As a parent, parking should get off first, and ensure their own and vehicle safety, such as no parking, especially at night, the light is not good situation parking open double flash; conditions permit, as far as possible from the right child, in the meantime don’t let the children alone to leave the vehicle, it is very easy to be dangerous, and to inculcate into the minds of children, choose the right off.

In the good weather conditions, many people drive like the ventilation window, if the child sitting in the back row, suggesting that the window will not be too large, to prevent blow hurt the child, but also prevent the naughty children touch up dangerous situation. Some of the older children can no longer use the safety seat, but when the safety belt is very important. Children generally shorter height than adults, when necessary, can choose the elevated pad to raise the child sitting, ensure the safety belt is placed in a reasonable position. The safety belt to avoid the neck and other sensitive areas, in order to avoid danger in case of emergency.

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