CHRYSLER A604 – “Buzzing” Noise When Selector Lever Is Placed In Drive Or Reverse

COMPLAINT:  When the manual selector lever is placed into either Drive and/or Reverse from the Park and/or Neutral position, a “Buzzing” noise is heard coming from the transaxle area for approximately one to two seconds and then stops. Find obd2 scanner?

CAUSE: This noise is created by the solenoid assembly which includes four different solenoids.

CORRECTION: The “Buzzing” noise described above is NORMAL. The ONLY thing that can be done to help alleviate the “Buzzing” noise, is to ensure that the Solenoid Assembly Sound Cover is present, and installed properly as shown in Figure 1.
Drive Or Reverse 1

COMPLAINT: ZF-4HP-18 transmissions may exhibit a no move condition in any forward range and works fine in reverse.
CAUSE: One cause may be that either the 3-4 or 4-3 traction valve in the valve body has stuck in a stroked position preventing forward clutch apply (See Figure 18).
CORRECTION: Remove the valve body from the transaxle. Inspect and free the valve that is stuck.

Drive Or Reverse 2

You can get more hot ones like U585 and u581 scanner to do better on auto repair.


How to use the U585 Scanner ?

U585 scanner can be used for your car to diagnostic the car fault error ,so do you know how to use the U585 Scanner.

Before you use the U585 scanner ,pay attention the details and the function of the U585 Car Diagnostic Tool.

Here are some tips for you that can help you use the Memoscan U585 in the right way .

1,When an engine is running, it produces carbon monoxide, a toxic and
poisonous gas. To prevent serious injury or death from carbon
monoxide poisoning, operate the vehicle ONLY in a well-ventilated
2. To protect your eyes from propelled objects as well as hot or caustic
liquids, always wear approved safety eye protection.
3. When an engine is running, many parts (such as the coolant fan,
pulleys, fan belt etc.) turn at high speed. To avoid serious injury,
always be aware of moving parts. Keep a safe distance from these
parts as well as other potentially moving objects.
4.Engine parts become very hot when the engine is running. To prevent
severe burns, avoid contact with hot engine parts.
5.Before starting an engine for testing or trouble-shooting, make sure
the parking brake is engaged. Put the transmission in park (for
automatic transmission) or neutral (for manual transmission). Block the
drive wheels with suitable blocks.
6.Connecting or disconnecting test equipment when the ignition is ON
can damage test equipment and the vehicle’s electronic components.
Turn the ignition OFF before connecting the U585 to or disconnecting
the U585 from the vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC).
7.To prevent damage to the on-board computer when taking vehicle
electrical measurements, always use a digital multimeter with at least
10meg Ohms of impedance.
8. Fuel and battery vapors are highly flammable. To prevent an explosion,
keep all sparks, heated items and open flames away from the battery
and fuel / fuel vapors. DO NOT SMOKE NEAR THE VEHICLE
10. Don’t wear loose clothing or jewelry when working on an engine.
Loose clothing can become caught in the fan, pulleys, belts, etc.
Jewelry is highly conductive, and can cause a severe burn if it makes
contact between a power source and ground.

The ten tips is for using the U585 scanner.I have brought the U585 car diagnostic tool , When I use the scanner , There is some problems for to use it.

When I choose the U585 scanner to check the oil, I often find that the U585 can’t find the right fault code , so I know that before using the u585 car diagnostic scanner.We should check the following function to make sure the U585 car diagnostic tool can be worked in the right way:

Check the following areas before starting any test:
– Check the engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid (if
applicable), engine coolant and other fluids for proper levels. Top off
low fluid levels if needed.
-Make sure the air filter is clean and in good condition. Make sure all
air filter ducts are properly connected. Check the air filter ducts for
holes, rips or cracks.
-Make sure all engine belts are in good condition. Check for cracked,
torn, brittle, loose or missing belts.
-Make sure mechanical linkages to engine sensors (throttle, gearshift
position, transmission, etc.) are secure and properly connected. See
your vehicle’s service manual for locations.
– Check all rubber hoses (radiator) and steel hoses (vacuum/fuel) for
leaks, cracks, blockage or other damage. Make sure all hoses are
routed and connected properly.
-Make sure all spark plugs are clean and in good condition. Check for
damaged, loose, disconnected or missing spark plug wires.
-Make sure the battery terminals are clean and tight. Check for
corrosion or broken connections. Check for proper battery and
charging system voltages.
-Check all electrical wiring and harnesses for proper connection. Make
sure wire insulation is in good condition, and there are no bare wires.
– Make sure the engine is mechanically sound. If needed, perform a
compression check, engine vacuum check, timing check (if
applicable), etc.

Here is the U585 car diagnostic tool images show list:

u585 car diagnostic scanner


u585 car diagnostic scanneru585 car diagnostic scannerU585 Car Code Reader


U585 is one of the good obd 2 scanners , you can find the tool in OBDDeal.

At this end , the u585 scanner battery is the most important part of the u585 car diagnostic tool , so before you use the U585 scanner ,make sure the battery is full of charge, so that it can work long and will not make mistake.

Tech Of U585 Super Memo Scanner

Some people often ask me ,what is the main function of the U585 Super Memo Scanner ,how to use the U585 Super Memo Scanner  rightly and how can I use the u585 scanner for.

So Today I will give you some technology about this scanner ,you will learn the main Advantages of the U585 scanner ,and you will learn how to use this scanner rightly.

So first, the details of the u585 obd2 code reader.

you should know this U585 Super Memo Scanner  Works on all 1996 and newer cars & light trucks that are OBD II compliant .

So what is the U585 super memo scanner main function?

Control Unit Information
Read Fault Codes
Measuring Blocks
Clear Fault Codes
Basic Setting
Single Reading
Output Tests
Code Module
Service Oil Reset
Code Modes
Dealership Code Set
support the following systems:
Airbag, etc.
there are 78 systems available.

GM 96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
Ford 96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
Chrysler 96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
Toyota 96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
Honda 96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
NISSAN 96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
All other Asian and European 96 – Current Year (OBD-II)
All new CAN protocol cars

you may say , yes i know the U585  Scanner  function, but I still can’t use the scanner , so don’t worry , here is an video which can help you easily to learn how to use the U585 OBDII EOBD CAN Code Scanner:

U585 Scanner

U585 Scanner
U585 Scanner Specifications:

Display-Backlit LCD,128*64 pixel display.
Operating Temperature- 0 to 50
Internal Power- 9v Cell
External Power: 10.0 to 15.5 vols provided via vehicle battery
Update by internet
195mm Length 81mm Width 32mm Height
OBDII connector , 1500mm