In the winter should pay attention to the engine maintenance

The temperature is gradually cool, autumn’s footsteps approaching in the imperceptibly, winter cold is undoubtedly a severe test for automobile parts, want the car safely through the winter in autumn must be comprehensive maintenance on the. Currently on the market of automobile maintenance product variety, quality uneven, some good and some bad, owners tend to see things in a blur I do not know how to choose. For the automobile deep maintenance products, select a reliable with good reputation of the brand is very important. Unlike the summer heat insulation, winter maintenance should pay attention to the main engine maintenance and maintenance, the timely removal of carbon deposition, the replacement of antifreeze and select the appropriate oil, second air conditioning cleaning and brake maintenance are matters before winter car maintenance needed to pay attention to.
Various types of engines in the work, because of the influence of related factors, are more or less carbon deposition. Coke is a product of fuel or lubricating oil is formed in the high temperature and oxygen under the action of. The cylinder cover parts of the coke, will reduce the cooling effect of the engine. Because the thermal conductivity of carbon 1/50 range, its thermal conductivity is only cast iron or steel, it will cause overheating of the engine, the engine performance and fuel economy are greatly reduced. The top of the piston deposits, a hot surface, cause preignition and detonation, knock, knock and abnormal wear, shorten the service life of the engine.

In addition to the usual for the car to do maintenance can reduce the carbon production, regular cleaning is to extend the life of the vehicle, in terms of cleanliness should choose must use special engine cleaning agent, such as a high performance engine 3M carbon removal agent (PN08989), it can restore the shape of combustion chamber, the fuel, air, ignition timing and combustion path between the balance recovery, reducing the compression ratio, avoid knock or pre abnormal combustion phenomenon, the phenomenon of improved cold start is not smooth, unstable idle speed, fuel consumption, knock and insufficient horsepower.

In the winter should pay attention to the engine maintenance, also can not forget the car details maintenance. After the winter, automobile air conditioner is used less, the refrigerant in the air-conditioning stopped working after hydration. Separated in the refrigeration system, fluoric acid generating strong corrosivity, evaporator, condenser corrosion of metal parts. Again after the summer, dust will retain more air-conditioning air duct, air humidity and the summer is relatively large, will cause the air passage is wet, it will cause a lot of mold. Cleaning will affect driving indoor air quality. If not, it may cause respiratory system disease.

For the air-conditioning system of cleaning, recommend the use of 3M professional automotive air conditioning system cleaner, the air conditioning evaporator which mainly in cleaning the car, dirt adhesion in the evaporator of dust, dirt, bacteria survival of lipid nutrients, odor source, to provide protection for you and your family’s health. At last, car tools like Launch X431 and GM Tech 2 Scanner may help you more!



The Reason Diagnose – The engine backfires

There is a common thing that our car engine often has some problems ,and do you know the engine backfire, here let us see the problem.

The engine backfires. The symptom may be more frequent on deceleration when the accelerator pedal is released from high engine speeds.The Reason Diagnose

Backfiring is usually the result of too much oxygen in the exhaust system. This causes a combustion in the exhaust system which results in backfire from the exhaust. Oxygen can enter the exhaust from leaks present in any component of the exhaust or from the air injection system if the vehicle is equipped with such a system.

Step one from the prognosis is a mindful video or graphic inspection from the wear out procedure. Look the wear out procedure intended for leaks. Test the muffler, catalytic converter, along with conduits intended for injuries and also leaks where they’re just related. Look the wear out manifold intended for splits. Look the wear out manifold gasket as well as the gasket that will links the wear out tube to the manifold intended for leaks. In the event the automobile is equipped with the atmosphere injection procedure that ought to be inspected intended for correct procedure. Consider the “Air Injection” procedure from the emission control portion of that website to acquire the functioning expertise in the procedure pieces. The air injection procedure shots atmosphere to the wear out less than specific disorders to reduce emissions. If atmosphere will be being injected to the wear out manifold if the powerplant will be popular on deceleration, that can lead to severe backfiring. On holiday detach the air injection procedure to discover in the event the indication will be corrected. Sometimes it is done by simply removing the belt and also the rubberized hoses that will connect to the steel test valves. In the event the indication will be corrected, the air injection procedure ought to be tested. Consider the manufacturer precise repair handbook intended for diagnostic tests the procedure utilized on the automobile. This can contain viewing to the correct procedure from the diverter valves along with making certain the vacuum hose routing will be correct along with functioning ordinarily.

Use caution when working around hot or rotating engine parts. Never disconnect any part of the vehicles emission control system other than for temporary testing. The system is designed to reduce the emissions of the vehicle and should be immediately repaired when defects are found. Disconnecting any part of the system is usually prohibited by federal and state laws.



Be be familiar with the OBD ii Scanenrs

Do you know the obd ii scanners?

May be you have little about the car diagnostic tools if you don’t have a car ,but if you have a car ,you may have a quick look,because it’s helpful if there is something wrong with your cars. we know that there are many obd 2 scanners,different scanners have different function,and different tools have different language.some  car scanners need the right software to update that it can work right and effectively.So here I list some car scanners , these scanners you may know, or you are don’t know.but you can have a look.

The launch x431 tools:

Launch Tech Co Ltd was founded in 1993 and is the first professional high-tech company of in China for developing, producing and selling manufacture that providing a full range of Auto Diagnosis, Auto Testing, Auto Cleaning equipment and service solutions for workshops. Launch was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002 (HK STOCK CODE: 8196) and is one of the first Domestic enterprises which successfully financed in Hong Kong.

The company produce the Launch X431 tool all over the world .

For example :

Launch X431 Diagun Red Boxobd ii company

X431 BMW OLD 20 pin

X431 Nissan diagnostic scanner Parts

X431 Tool Smart Box

are the company’s products.

The airbag reset tools:

For example :

Airbag Resetting and Anti-Theft Code Reader .

You know that your car ‘s airbag right? and the Airbag reset tools is the tool of it.when your airbag breaks or has some problems you may need it.

 There are the parts of the car scanners,when your car need protect or repairing, you may need the car scanners.

To Solve the Volvo S80 T6 cylinder’s problem

If you have a volvo S80 T6 you may have a quick look at this article .The article is about to how to fix the problem that the Two cylinder misfires

The problem: the engine works instability. Turning on the air conditioner engine shakes

Solution: use the detector to detect the fault of second cylinder misfire. Because of previous experience on the vehicle ignition coil is easy to damage, direct suspicion to the ignition coil. Demolition of the ignition coil, ignition coil ignition coil can be transposed into the three cylinder ignition. Examine the two cylinder ignition coil plug with a multimeter measuring 2,3 to open ignition switch .It shows 12.3V voltage, so there is no problems with the ignition coil power supplying system . The problems appeared in the 1 signal line. The multimeter resistance profile measurement of the line to ground resistance of 965 ohm normal should be 1962 ohms. Detection of the line to the ECU A50 foot resistance is 0 ohms. The line did not break, the problem appeared in ECU. Demolition of ECU detection corresponding to the ignition chip on the chip corresponding to two cylinder pin lead detection line, with ECU, turn the ignition switch to find the pin and the ground short circuit.

To replace the ignition chip. Loading test of two cylinder ignition is normal. When the demolition of attachment. The detecting instrument for detecting no fault codes. Car was tested normally.

Follow this way ,it can be helpful to your Volvo S80 T6 cylinder’s problem.

Tips for protecting car battery

Maybe it’s ture that you don’t think about your car battery until there is something wrong with it.Car battery corrosion and a dead battery. Now you’re the one groaning.

Car battery

Car battery

Contrary to public opinion, it’s not generally cold temperature which eliminates away your own electric battery. Really, extreme summer time warmth as well as overcharging, the result of a defective element within the getting program (for example your own regulator), tend to be 2 from the primary culprits that may harm the battery’s inner operation. At these times, the actual electric battery gets less strong with time as well as has a tendency to display it’s accurate colours whenever cold temperature strikes. Motor essential oil thickens upward within the winter season, producing the actual motor tougher in order to turn. Therefore in case your electric battery offers gradually already been depleting just about all summer time and it is not really within tip-top form, you might be set for an embarrassing shock once the cold temperature arrives.

To assist defend against issues with your own electric battery prior to these people occur, make sure to possess your own electric battery examined one per year, particularly if it’s a lot more than 2 yrs aged. ASE Licensed Specialists from Belle Fatigue, may execute a electric battery fill check to look for the power as well as situation of the electric battery to ensure your own getting program is actually operating correctly. Additionally, always be certain to maintain the very best of the electric battery thoroughly clean. Grime is really a conductor and may deplete energy. Last but not least, frequently examine your own battery’s terminals with regard to deterioration, and also the contacts in order to get them to restricted. If you discover deterioration, make use of a easy combination of cooking soda pop as well as drinking water to wash this away.

The way to fix a Audi A6 2.8 ABS

Somebody may find that his Audi A62.8’s ABS light warning all the time.
So We check for it and find that it true that it is same as the user said.After testing the car , the ABS system malfunction, the four wheels from locking in emergency braking. The observed four-wheel brake drag India quite,we can confirm the four-wheel braking force is balanced,so it is little likely that the hydraulic system leaks.



Link failing analysis equipment Sixth is v. The. G1552 AB MUSCLES program screening as well as discovered which 2 from the which means associated with failing for that AB MUSCLES pump motor provide voltage failing, the best back steering wheel pace sensor open up or even brief signal about the cathode problem signal. The actual ideas from the problem signal, We chose to know what the actual actuator overall performance, and then the utilization of analysis gear for that analysis from the procedure from the actuator. Throughout hydraulic pump motor overall performance check, the actual AB MUSCLES hydraulic pump motor V39 isn’t motion, your pedal vibration feeling. Based on this particular trend, the writer evaluates 3 types of feasible leads to: hydraulic pump motor V39 is actually broken, the actual exchange issue, or even hydraulic manage device harm. We additionally completed additional aspects of the actual check, four-wheel braking pressure within the screening procedure is actually minor, as well as all of us rapidly missed.
Next I prepare to read some date to find something useful, then entered the data flow of the ABS system.and we lift the vehicle and turning the wheel by our hands,then observe the 001 sets of data, the results of diagnostic equipment have shown that the right rear wheel speed is zero, it seems that the wheel speed signal is not the ABS control unit Which led to the likelihood of this phenomenon are generally three: no signal, not the signal lines or control cell damage. so we carried out the detection of the following steps.
1. To detect the right rear wheel speed signal.
Using the Oscilloscope directly measured on the right rear wheel speed sensors, resulting in signal voltage amplitude increased with the speed increases, the frequency response is good.
2. To detect of left rear wheel speed signal.
The same way to detect it ,and the frequency response is good too. ABS system’s control unit does not store the left rear wheel sensor failure, we adjust the gap of the left rear wheel sensor first, but the waveform is still the same situation.
3. Then we set the left rear wheel speed sensor connected to the signal line of the right rear wheel, to use the diagnostic equipment to read data.
After connecting, the results of equipment shows the right rear wheel speed is zero. It appears to be the internal problems of signal lines or control unit. To this end, we decided to detect the related wiring harness. After testing, the right rear signal line terminal 15 power supply pin, the battery 30 power supply pin and ground pin are normal. Based on the above measurement results, I determine the hydraulic pump the V39 relays or hydraulic control unit, but further demolition of the inspection.
Bosch ABS pump prices nearly million, so I decided to be overhauled, and try to fix. So I opened the ABS hydraulic pump hydraulic control unit, relay burned, it was discovered, the board also damage. According to the observed failure phenomenon, I solder recovery circuit board so that the conduction and the use of an external relay to replace the damage to the built-in relay. After fault diagnostic apparatus for the operation of the actuator diagnosis, V39 back to work.
After I opened the ABS control unit, upon inspection, the internal pins are connected by very fine wires, attached to a ceramic chip. In the right rear wheel of the input pin is found, root fine wire circuit. To this end, I use the wire to welded well. After the use of diagnostic equipment to read data, the right rear signal back to normal, while the signal waveform differences would cease to exist.
Above all , the car ABS system failure has been resolved. However, due to the external structure of the ABS has already been destroyed, so we have to do the packaging work, to ensure sealing, vibration resistance.