Use Tips for Launch X431 Diagun Scanner Tool

Launch X431 Diagun Scanner Tool is also called the launch x431 diagun scanner ,the x431 diagun can be used in many series.In most famous brand car ,you can see the car owner uses the launch x431 diagun scanner tool.

So how to use the launch x431 diagun scanner tool?

Here is the short manual about the launch x431 diagun scanner tool.

The launch x431 diagun scanner tool images list:

launch x431 diagun scanner tool

launch x431 diagun scanner tool

launch x431 diagun scanner toollaunch x431 diagun scanner toollaunch x431 diagun scanner tool

Tips one :To use the launch x431 diagun scanner ,the most important thing is to check the battery power is enough or not , because the launch x431 diagun scanner battery is the most important of the launch x431 diagun part so , before you use the launch x431 diagun scanner tool , you should keep the battery power enough.

Tips two:Launch X431 Diagun Bluetooth , the bluetooth part is the second important of the launch x431 diagun, so keep the launch x431 diagun bluetooth on ,when you use the diagun first.

Tips three: you can see the launch x431 diagun screen. Be careful to read the data of the launch x431 diagun , you should know all the data of the diagun is important for you to check your car data .so don’t forget to write down the data you reader from the diagun screen.

Here is the funtion of the launch x431 diagun scanner tool:

– Open automobile diagnosis function
– Email free update function
– PDA function
– Multi-language

And this video is for you to learn how to use the launch x431 diagun scanner tool.

X431 diagun is the launch company’s scanner ,so after you brought the launch x431 diagun from your local shop ,you have better read the instruction of the launch x431 diagun scanner tool.


How to Substitute a Muffler

Many months in the past I posted about rapid fixes to muffler emergencies. So now that it’s warm outside once again, I made the decision it was time to exchange my failing muffler. Your auto will nearly surely be various. But if you’re fairly helpful and have some standard instruments, this is a task you can very easily do yourself. I did this task for $105. Repairing your automobile oneself can conserve a good deal of dollars!

How to Replace an Air Filter
Angle grinders are relatively cheap programs and are helpful for a broad range of tasks. 1st I’ll lower the hanger and take away the hook from the rubber grommet.

Then I’ll minimize the welds that hold the muffler on the catalytic converter. I borrowed a pipe expanding software from a freind, but I did not conclude up needing it. If the catalytic converter outflow pipe acquired been bent or crushed, this software can develop the pipe so it fits snugly inside the muffler inflow pipe. I had a cosy joint so I didn’t have to have this software. But if you do not have a cosy fit, you can borrow this tool from an car parts store with a device rental plan.

Now that I have a comfortable match, I’ll apply muffler joint sealant. You don’t want any exhaust gases escaping from the joint! And simply because I won’t be welding this muffler, I have to have to pay specific interest to the joints. Wear gloves when applying this information. Following I’ll slide on the new muffler and bolt it lower with some automotive U bolts. I’ll use two clamps on every single joint. Also make certain to reattach the muffler hanger to the rubber grommet.

Considering that I have a car that experienced quite comparable areas for about 15 production years, the elements are straightforward to discover, inexpensive and customized built. The exhaust pipe was pre-bent and the muffler slides appropriate on with no trouble. And what a big difference a new muffler tends to make! Not only is the vehicle significantly quieter, but it runs so substantially smoother. Fast acceleration and drives like new! They usually say that a muffler is necessary not just for sound control but because it gives back again-stress on the engine. You can genuinely tell the variance when you set up a new muffler. The automobile has a lot more electrical power and drives like a dream!

How to use the U585 Scanner ?

U585 scanner can be used for your car to diagnostic the car fault error ,so do you know how to use the U585 Scanner.

Before you use the U585 scanner ,pay attention the details and the function of the U585 Car Diagnostic Tool.

Here are some tips for you that can help you use the Memoscan U585 in the right way .

1,When an engine is running, it produces carbon monoxide, a toxic and
poisonous gas. To prevent serious injury or death from carbon
monoxide poisoning, operate the vehicle ONLY in a well-ventilated
2. To protect your eyes from propelled objects as well as hot or caustic
liquids, always wear approved safety eye protection.
3. When an engine is running, many parts (such as the coolant fan,
pulleys, fan belt etc.) turn at high speed. To avoid serious injury,
always be aware of moving parts. Keep a safe distance from these
parts as well as other potentially moving objects.
4.Engine parts become very hot when the engine is running. To prevent
severe burns, avoid contact with hot engine parts.
5.Before starting an engine for testing or trouble-shooting, make sure
the parking brake is engaged. Put the transmission in park (for
automatic transmission) or neutral (for manual transmission). Block the
drive wheels with suitable blocks.
6.Connecting or disconnecting test equipment when the ignition is ON
can damage test equipment and the vehicle’s electronic components.
Turn the ignition OFF before connecting the U585 to or disconnecting
the U585 from the vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC).
7.To prevent damage to the on-board computer when taking vehicle
electrical measurements, always use a digital multimeter with at least
10meg Ohms of impedance.
8. Fuel and battery vapors are highly flammable. To prevent an explosion,
keep all sparks, heated items and open flames away from the battery
and fuel / fuel vapors. DO NOT SMOKE NEAR THE VEHICLE
10. Don’t wear loose clothing or jewelry when working on an engine.
Loose clothing can become caught in the fan, pulleys, belts, etc.
Jewelry is highly conductive, and can cause a severe burn if it makes
contact between a power source and ground.

The ten tips is for using the U585 scanner.I have brought the U585 car diagnostic tool , When I use the scanner , There is some problems for to use it.

When I choose the U585 scanner to check the oil, I often find that the U585 can’t find the right fault code , so I know that before using the u585 car diagnostic scanner.We should check the following function to make sure the U585 car diagnostic tool can be worked in the right way:

Check the following areas before starting any test:
– Check the engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid (if
applicable), engine coolant and other fluids for proper levels. Top off
low fluid levels if needed.
-Make sure the air filter is clean and in good condition. Make sure all
air filter ducts are properly connected. Check the air filter ducts for
holes, rips or cracks.
-Make sure all engine belts are in good condition. Check for cracked,
torn, brittle, loose or missing belts.
-Make sure mechanical linkages to engine sensors (throttle, gearshift
position, transmission, etc.) are secure and properly connected. See
your vehicle’s service manual for locations.
– Check all rubber hoses (radiator) and steel hoses (vacuum/fuel) for
leaks, cracks, blockage or other damage. Make sure all hoses are
routed and connected properly.
-Make sure all spark plugs are clean and in good condition. Check for
damaged, loose, disconnected or missing spark plug wires.
-Make sure the battery terminals are clean and tight. Check for
corrosion or broken connections. Check for proper battery and
charging system voltages.
-Check all electrical wiring and harnesses for proper connection. Make
sure wire insulation is in good condition, and there are no bare wires.
– Make sure the engine is mechanically sound. If needed, perform a
compression check, engine vacuum check, timing check (if
applicable), etc.

Here is the U585 car diagnostic tool images show list:

u585 car diagnostic scanner


u585 car diagnostic scanneru585 car diagnostic scannerU585 Car Code Reader


U585 is one of the good obd 2 scanners , you can find the tool in OBDDeal.

At this end , the u585 scanner battery is the most important part of the u585 car diagnostic tool , so before you use the U585 scanner ,make sure the battery is full of charge, so that it can work long and will not make mistake.

Tips for use a Memoscan U581 Scanner

When we use the obd 2 scanner , we may use the Memoscan U581 how to find a good way to use a Memoscan U581 scanner?

First you can see the u581 scanner introduction and know the details of the Memoscan U581 function:

Memoscan U581 Scanner is for real-time automotive diagnosis based on the OBD 2 & CAN-BUS protocol. It offers Full Feature Scanning including ‘LIVE DATA’. By simply plugging it into your vehicles diagnostic socket, you will be able to Read all Trouble Codes & Definitions related to the “Check Engine Light”, Save & Review results, Reset the trouble light, Monitor & Freeze-Frame Data,and more. Also retrieves the VIN (vehicle identification number) on supported vehicles.

Here are some images of the U581 scanner you can see :

U581 ScannerU581 ScannerU581 ScannerU581 Scanner

Here is six ways for prevent personal injury or damage to vehicles or the U581 Scanner:

1.When an engine is running, it produces carbon monoxide, a toxic and poisonous gas. To
prevent serious injury or death from carbon monoxide poisoning ,operate the vehicle ONLY in a
well-ventilated area.
2.To protect your eyes from propelled objects as well as hot or caustic liquids, always wear
approved safety eye protection.
3. Keep cigarettes, sparks, open flame and other sources of ignition away from vehicle. Keep a
dry chemical (Class B) fire extinguisher rated for gasoline, chemical and electrical fires in work

4.Connecting or disconnecting test equipment when the ignition is ON can damage test
equipment and the ignition OFF before connecting the Code Reader to or disconnecting the
Code Reader from the vehicle’s Data Link Connector(DLC).
5.To prevent damage to the on-board computer when taking vehicle electrical measurements.
always use a digital multi meter with at least 10megOhms of impedance.
6.Keep the car Tool clean, dry and free from oil, water and grease. Use a mild detergent on a
clean cloth to clean the outside of the Scan Tool, when necessary.

U581 Scanner is one of the good obd2 scanner ,Among most good obd 2 car diagnostic tools you can see the U581 tool is in good quality so ,if you have brought this tool ,you can see this video of the U581 scanner: for more information.

Hoping you can use the U581 scanner in good way and work fine.

Tips of fixing car – how do you fix windshield wipers

To most of use , fix a car may be some difficult so ,how to fix the windsheld wipers? where to find the useful way to fix your car .
There are always differen’t kinds of problems for us to fix a car , so Here I will the you an example for fixing windshield wipers.
In order to achieve comfort in driving, take the time to check the performance of your car windshield wipers regularly. Starting from examining a series of wipers work, with flush windshield first then activate your windshield wipers. Then check the performance optimization of wiper electrical motor and also the elasticity of the rubber wiper.


Another problem that often occurs on the car windshield wipers are in the form of slow movement, though still functioning. If the windshield wipers on your car is experiencing problems like these, you can inspect the damage as follows:

  • Components of resistance in the coil, which led to large current successor in dirty conditions. To fix it, immediately remove these components and clean it carefully. The cause this component become dirty is due to dust and corrosion.
  • Ankle shaft windscreen wiper jammed. If the problem occurred because of the mild corrosion on that part, can be repaired by spraying liquid 4wd. However, if the corrosion is severe, how to fix it would be more difficult. That had to remove the section by force, and re welded in to restore function to normal.
  • Contact button has jammed. This problem can be detected by integrating positive and negative electric wires in the circuit outside the contact button. If the union of positive and negative electricity causes sparks, and the section moves, so can be concluded that problem is the contact button jammed. So the contacts button should be replaced with new ones.
  • Components of the electric motor was damaged. If examination of the circuit has been done, but the windscreen wiper movement remains slow, then the allegation is the largest potential problem with the electric motor components. For this problem you need to shop dynamo, to repair damage to the electric motor components.
  • Drop out fuses. Fuse was enabled to break the electrical current, in case of electrical short circuiting. Drop out fuse will cause the windshield wipers to be not moving, because there is no electrical current. After replacing the fuse, make sure also that there was no damage to electrical flow. Because if still damaged will make the fuses drop out again.
  • Relations were damaged circuit wires. How to check is to use a screwdriver test pen (existing indicator lamp). Take a positive electrical cable, which is usually red. If one cable to make a screwdriver test pen lit, while others cable are not, it can be concluded that there is a cable that was damaged or broken.
  • Damage to gear windscreen wiper. Usually on the wiper gear was damaged after prolonged usage. How to fix it can only be done by replacing them with new ones.
If all the steps of checking on car windshield wiper above already done, but the movement wiper remained slow, you can decide to bring your car to the car repair shop, by explaining to the car repair shop that already checked independently by yourself also.

Step by Step for Toyota ITIS3 OBD Scanner Use

Find a obd2 scanner is difficult , find the cheap price Toyota ITIS3 is also difficult .So where to find the best Toyota ITIS3  scanner?

Before you choose the Toyota ITIS 3 you should know how to work with this car diagnostic tool , first have a quick lookt at this images:

Toyota ITIS3Toyota ITIS3Toyota ITIS3Toyota ITIS3


These are the list of the Toyota ITIS3 pictures,but do you know the main function of the scanner ? how to use the Toyota ITIS3 tool?


Toyota has turned operational excellence into a strategic weapon not merely through Tacho Pro 2008 tools and quality improvement methods but a deeper business philosophy rooted in understanding of people and what motivates them. Its success is ultimately based on its ability to develop leaders, build teams, and nurture a supportive culture, to devise strategy, to build deep supplier relationships, and to maintain a learning organization.


You can do by yourself to make the Toyota ITIS 3 work well .

First , keep the power one and to use the ITIS3,

Second , Install the CD Player to make this software of the Toyota ITIS 3 suit to the scanner.

Third , follow this manual of the Toyota ITIS 3 which can be helpful to understand the Toyota ITIS use.

Six good feature of the Toyota ITIS :

– Adopt 16 digit Dual Cell specialize CPU, Full compliant with all vehicles
– Use standard 802.11b/g WIFI wireless,connect easy to network, or
connect to Laptop to realize wireless diagnosis.
– Diagnostic software accord with international standard, collocate
communication port flexibly, less connectors support almost all vehicles
– Self-determination design for connectors and cables.
– Compliant with 12V and 24V communication, Support heavy duty vehicles.
– Hardware accord with CE and FCC standard.

After install the software and connect the all the cables to the Toyota ITIS , then you can use this scanner easy .