To prevent a flat tire in summer

Experts suggest that to prevent a flat tire for vehicles, you should checked regularly. In summer, you should appropriately reduce the tire pressure to maintain normal levels of tire pressure. Inspection of the entire tire, observe whether the tire drum kits and invisible injury, if there is, replace in a timely manner in order to prevent sudden flat tire, with particular attention to check the vehicle front tire situation. Concern about the wear of the tire tread and rubber aging, if found tread wear has reached the design limit, you must promptly replace tires.
To prevent a flat tire in summer
Experts advise that if the vehicle front tires suddenly have flat tire in the process of driving, vehicle will immediately deviate from the direction toward the flat tire, the owner should immediately open the double flash, while hands grip the steering wheel, release the throttle, do not hit the brakes, and after the speed down, pull over. If the back wheels had a puncture, just not at particularly high speeds, the vehicle will not be a serious deviation, the owner, after opening the double flash, can pull over the car slowly by controlling the steering wheel, brakes and other measures.

You should get some obd2 scanner and auto key programmer to go with your car to do better, like the hot ones:

Carman Lite Scanner

1. Carman Lite Scanner is the best diagnostic scan tool for Japanese and Korean vehicles for aftermarket.

Carman Lite Scan Tool is a high quality, premium brand, hand held, Asian vehicle diagnostic scan tester with the addition of European, American and Australian software.


-Main Functions
DTC reading and explaination.
DTC erasing.
Live time Current Data(in digits and in graphic modes).
Manual data item grouping on display..
Actuation test.
Item graphic veiw.
Electrical scheme view.
Current data recording function.
Sensor simulation mode.
System Identification(ECU number).
Adaptation function.
Service reset function.
Immobilizer reading.
Trouble shooting function.
ECU re-programming.
OBD-I, OBD-II, EuroOBD, CAN communication support.

– Additional functions
Desk PC communication
Shot screen saving on PC through USB
Shot screen printing through PC
AC power
S/W download program features
Recorded data analisys
Regular update service


2. AD90 Key Programmer newest version: V3.27

– The professional duplicating machine, AD90 KEY PRO, has been designed and built to keep pace with the constant evolution of transponder car keys.

– The AD90 key duplicator features the most innovative electronic components in the field of radio frequencies thus allowing easy detection, reading and cloning (duplication) of fixed code transponders and the identification of cryptographic transponder codes.

– The AD90 in addition has major features such as copying of Crypto 42 type transponders and the Texas 4C and 4D transponders. These are additional options but make the AD90 a powerful tool.

– The AD90 KEY PRO has been developed to allow for future developments and to keep up to date with the ever expanding technology of transponders within the Automotive vehicle systems.

– As well as Transponder systems, the AD90 KEY PRO will also be developed to offer new and exciting facilities which will further advance its capabilities.



The features of AD900

1-  Copy all fixed transponders
a-  Temic 11
b-  Temic 12
c-  Megamos 13
d-  Philips 33
e-  Texas 4C

2-  Copy most of crypto transponders
a-  Philips Crypto 42
b-  Philips Crypto 44 VAG
c-  Philips Crypto 45
d-  Texas Crypto 4D
e-  Some Philips Crypto 40 and 41

3-  Show all information about all transponders
a-  Transponder Types
b-  Transponder Codes
c-  Locked or not
d-  Which car brand
e-  Eeprom codes
f-  Pin-Codes

4-  Calculate eeprom logics from transponder memory.
a-  Temic 11 transponder (3 Bytes)
b-  Temic 12 transponder (5 Bytes)
c-  Megamos 13 transponder (4 Bytes)
d-  Texas 4C transponder (4 Bytes)
e-  Philips 33 Transponder (4 Bytes)

5-  Calculate transponder logics from eeprom logics
a-  BMW Philips 33 rolling Transponder
b-  Opel Philips crypto 40 Transponder
c-  VAG Philips crypto 42 Transponder
d-  Vw Philips crypto 44 Transponder
e-  Renault , Vw , Honda Rover, Opel, Alfa-Romeo Philips 33 Transponder
f-  Fiat Palio – Siena Temic 11 Transponder
g-  Mercedes Vito, sprinter, Vw Volt Temic 12 Transponder
h-  Toyota 4C Transponder
i-  Fiat Tipo- Tempra Megamos 13 Transponder
j-  Fiat Second Generation Megamos 48 Transponder

6-  Calculate pin-codes from transponders
a-  Renault Philips 33 ( 4 Digits )
b-  Peugeot Philips crypto 45 ( 4 Digits )

7-  Calculate pin-codes from chassis numbers
Transpronics can calculate pin-codes for Hyundai and Kia from last 6 digits of chassis number.

8-  Unlock most of 48 transponders.
As you know, new system cars lock the transponder during the programming. So you can not use these transponders again. But Transpronics can unlock most megamos crypto transponders with its high technology.

9-  Generate Crypto Transponders from blank Crypto transponders for Renault – Chrysler and Jeep.
You can generate 46 Renault – Chrysler and Jeep transponders from blank 46 transponders.

10- Generate transponder logics for fixed transponders.

AD900 Pro  can read out and has detail explanation for such transponders as: 11,12,13,T5,33,40,41,42,44,45. AD900 Pro Support on programming the transponder key and remote for Audi A8, VW Touareg,VW Phaeton,English BENTLEY, and BMW E38, E39, E46, E53, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E87, E90, E91, E92, EWS3, EWS3+, EWS4, CAS, CAS2, CAS3.

2013 derniers CI-PROG300 le programmeur principal CI300

2013 derniers CI-PROG300 le programmeur principal CI300 CI-300 de ci PROG 300 économiques est présent.

Ce dispositif peut approprié aux voitures suivantes :

CI-PROG300 Série de Toyota Lexus :

Carte à puce assortie actuellement soutenue de Toyota à 2011.
Base sur les clefs rouges et la carte à puce d’augmentation de Toyota OBD. La suppression, assortissent l’à télécommande.
Soutenez également assortir la dernière clef de transpondeur de morceau de Toyota G.

Elle soutient pour lire le mot de passe du vieux Passat (3BD920802) Touareg Cayenne Audi A6 et partie du Gauer et ainsi de suite. En attendant, elle soutient Audi A6 et vieil ajustement de kilomètrage de Passat.

CI-PROG300 Série de Honda : 
Maintenant elle soutient les cartes à puce assorties et la clef à 2011.
(Note : actuellemen

CI-PROG300 modifiée de Hyundai : 
Actuellement elle soutient des cartes à puce de Hyundai assortissent à 2011.
Par exemple, IX35 exige un mot de passe etc.
Soutenez assortir le dernier mot de passe Yuet I30, Yu Xiang de 6 chiffres et ainsi de suite.
Soutenez également la clef à 8 bits assortie de mot de passe de Santa Fe 1.8T, appui assortissant Hyundai à télécommande.

CI-PROG300 Série de Nissan : 
Soute OG300 Série rapide de  Suzuki

Sans clef assortie de mot de passe pour le yu tian de Suzuki. Soutient également Benni et séries de CM8 Joice Mazda
Soutenez la clef assortie de FAW Mazda M3 M5 M6 et la carte futée
Soutient également Hainan assorti Mazda verrouillent. Par exemple, étoile de Holford, ect.

CI-PROG300 Série (GM) générale : 
Soutenez assortir la nouvelle clef futée majestueuse de Hideo du plus défunt LaCrosse de Cruz nouveau. (Au-dessus des modèles la nécessité de logiciel d’acheter séparément)
Soutenez la clef assortie d’Excelle Lova Aveo Epica
Lova et Aveo aucun mot de passe du besoin pour le mot de passe d’assortiment de clef mais de besoin d’Epica
Soutenez assortir le vieux LaCrosse majestueux et d’autres séries

à télécommande de Kia : 
Allumettes actuellement soutenues de carte à puce à 2011.
Par exemple : Carte futée assortie de Di de Furui
Appui assortissant la dernière clef et l’à télécommande.

CI-PROG300  Série de Chery : 
Le seul équipement directement OBD a indiqué le mot de passe de Chery
Les conditions du mot de passe à 4 chiffres directement lu par l’intermédiaire de Chery OBD :
(1) a changé le mot de passe de sécurité
(2) le remplacement des cas anti-vol n’introduisent pas un nouveau nombre d’armature

Au-dessus de deux caisses lues le mot de passe est le mot de passe faux
Notes :
insérez directement une nouvelle clef en assortissant la clef
Si vous vous insérez la clef qui s’est déjà enregistrée alors incite parfois la panne de communication
Assortiment de soutien à télécommande
Quand donné lecture le mot de passe l’équipement montrera trois groupes mot de passe de sécurité.
d’une façon générale, le premier groupe est le mot de passe correct de sécurité pour cette voiture

EEPROM & MCU APPLICATIONS For Zed Bull Key Programmer

The Zed Bull Key Programmer Eeprom & Mcu application list is as below. As long as new solutions are obtained number of the aaplications will be increased soon, new applications will be added to software with new updates. Eeprom & Mcu applications have token system, for each application 1 token is needed.

Important Notes:
-User must use external IC programmer to read the Eeproms and Mcus.
-The pictures of the IC programmer in Zed-Bull Pc software is for brand Omega-Mtrk IC Programmer.
-Omega-Mtrk IC Programmer covers all the applications in the list and we suggest this programmer.But user is free to use any of the IC programmers in the market.
-According to the features of IC Programmer, all the Eeproms and Mcus might need to be desoldered from immo board. For most of the IC programmers in the market Eeproms and Mcus must be desoldered from immo board.
-While desoldering the Eeproms and Mcus, user must be very carefull, since the pins of the Eeproms and Mcus are thin, they might be broken if not disoldered slowly and properly.
-When an Eeprom or Mcu is read with IC Programmer, we strongly recommend user to save a copy of the original Eeprom or Mcu data file. When a problem occurs while using the file , copy of the original file will be still holding the needed datas and might be used for recovery.
-The Eeprom or Mcu must be soldered back in the same direction when it is desoldered.
-While soldering back the Eeprom or Mcu, user must be carefull against unwanted short circuits between pins.
-While reading motorola Mcus, removing the security of the Mcu is suggested. If the Mcu is read without removing the security, all the informations might be deleted for some Mcu types. So user must be carefull about this detail while reading Mcus.
-Some non-original IC programmers in the market might delete Eeprom and Mcu datas while reading. Using original IC programmers is suggested.
-While desoldering the Eeprom or Mcu, user must be careful about not desoldering the neighbour components on the immo board accidentaly.
-For BMW applications, user must be careful about the key number. When customer wants spare key, the original customer key should be read and the key number should be noted. In the PC software window proper key number should be selected.

To make key which directly starts the car for the modules 11,12, and 18 few additional steps required. The prosedure is as below:
1. Desolder the Eeprom or Mcu from immo board.
2. Read Eeprom or Mcu with external IC Programmer.
3. Save the read file with “.bin” extension with any name and to any location as you wish.
4. Open the file that you saved, using the Zed-Bull Pc Software, insert the suitable transponder to the antenna and click the “programme transponder” button on Zed-BULL Pc Software, precoded transponder is prepared.
5. Do not remove the transponder from antenna, press “Create Image File” button on Extended Function Menu. Save the file with different name such as“…..image.bin” in order not to overwrite on to the previous file.
6. Using the IC programmer write the file that you saved to the eeprom or Mcu of the immo board. The process is completed. The tranponder will start the car directly.
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Best car diagnostic scanner and auto key programmers introduce

Today, I will introduce some Auto key programmers to you who own BMW cars.Top 5 Auto key programmers for your BMW cars you must know. Then, in my articles, I would like to name these BMW key programmers, and generally tell you their similarities and differences.

AK90 Key Programmer
AK90 BMW Key Programmer V3.16 is the safest and effective key match tool for BMW EWS system, it supports reading all EWS key information from 1995-2005. It increased EWS2.1/EWS2.2/EWS3/EWS3.3/EWS4/EWS4.4 to read and write speed.

AK90 BMW Key Programmer advantages in function:
– Directly reading data dumps from MCU which marked 1D47J, 2D47J, 0D46J, 2L86D without removing MCU from circuit board, easy to do by yourself.
– With the help of software you can renew, lock or unlock keys as well.
– Programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys.
– Identifying keys for all EWS and CAS, showing VIN, key No. It supports changing VIN, but does not support mileage change.

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AK300 Key Maker- BMW CAS key programmer
AK300 BMW CAS Key Maker (Support in 2002 -2009 years) especially for BMW CAS system key programmer. Support new BMW CAS, CAS2,CAS3,CAS3+. Automatic analysis CAS data, easy to match keys.

AK300 key programmer for BMW
1 BMW CAS supports a diagnosis of communication directly through the OBD port or through the CAN BUS port security to read and write data EEPROM;
2 automatic analysis CAS data, automatically displays the BMW keys to use quantity; key tooth number; remote control frequency; CAS with the DME synchronization ID; keys scrapped the state, etc.;
3 AK300 key Programmer supports key scrapped or restart using the old key; this technology unmatched global technology;
4 AK300 key Programmer supporting the rehabilitation of CAS computer (due to transfer table is damaged or programming lock);
5 AK300 key Programmer supports the new 2002-2009 BMW CAS; CAS2; CAS3; CAS3+
6 AK300 key Programmer support the horse CAS; CAS 2; CAS 3; CAS 3 + BMW and BMW remote key.
7.AK300 key Programmer support E65/E66/E87/E60/E61/E90/E91/E92/E93/E71/E71

AK400 key Programmer for BMW
AK400 is a powerful key programmer combining the function of the following key programmers: IR-Programmer(for Benz key)+Hitg2 programmer(for BMW key)+BEZN ESL(election steering lock)K-Line programmer+912/9S12 in circiut programmer+68HC711 pragrammer+68HC705/05 programmer+68HC908 programmer+9CXX/95PXX/24CXX s-eprom programmer+For BENZ key reader+for BMW key reader.

AK400 key programmer for BMW:
AK 400 Key Programmer supports both Mercedes Benz and BMW, it works with BMW cars modes including: new 1/3/5/6/7 CAS/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+system

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Gambit Hitag2 V3.1 2 in 1 Programmer for BMW
Gambit and Hitag V3.1 2 in 1 programmer combines the function of Gambit programmer and Hitag2 V3.1.Gambit programmer is intended for RFID ( transponders ) programming. HiTag2 v3.1 programmer is an universal key programmer, with additional options of keys programming from dump and PIN extraction.

Hitag2 Key Tool 3.0 key programmer for BMW
Hitag2 Key Tool 3.0 support BMW (2002 -2009 years) CAS/CAS2/CAS3 DG512 / CAS3 + DP512
Hitag2 Key Tool 3.0 support matching BMW (2002 -2009 years) CAS/CAS2/CAS3 DG256 / CAS3 + DP512 key and remote control; the world’s unique technology;

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Also BMW have some professional diagnostic devices, such as BMW GT1, BMW OPS, BMW OPPS, BMW mini OPS, BMW ICOM,BMW INPA V502.

It’s hard to introduce all these Auto key programmers here – that would be a great project with a large amount of words. So I just list them here, and if you are interested in any of them, you can search or, there you see the detailed introductions of all kinds of car tools.Thank you!

Professional Auto Key Programmer are hot selling at vtoolshop

There are many Auto Key Programmer hot selling at vtoolshop :

Auto Key Programmer – CI PROG 300 Remote and Car Chip Adapter
Auto Key Programmer – Chinese CI-PROG 300 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – Abrites Tag Key Tool 2.0
Auto Key Programmer – T300 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – Renault Nissan Key Prog 2-in-1
Auto Key Programmer – Zed Bull Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – MVP Key programmer
Auto Key Programmer – SBB V33 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – VP 490
Auto Key Programmer – FIAT Adapter for AD-90 KEY PRO
Auto Key Programmer – AD90 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AK90 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AK90 BMW Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AK300 key programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AD900 Pro
Auto Key Programmer – Hitag2 Key Tool 3.0
Auto Key Programmer – Clone King Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AK500 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AD-90 KEY PRO

All of these products Auto Key Programmer – CI PROG 300 Remote and Car Chip Adapter
Auto Key Programmer – Chinese CI-PROG 300 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – Abrites Tag Key Tool 2.0
Auto Key Programmer – T300 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – Renault Nissan Key Prog 2-in-1
Auto Key Programmer – Zed Bull Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – MVP Key programmer
Auto Key Programmer – SBB V33 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – VP 490
Auto Key Programmer – FIAT Adapter for AD-90 KEY PRO
Auto Key Programmer – AD90 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AK90 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AK90 BMW Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AK300 key programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AD900 Pro
Auto Key Programmer – Hitag2 Key Tool 3.0
Auto Key Programmer – Clone King Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AK500 Key Programmer
Auto Key Programmer – AD-90 KEY PRO  are at surprising low price while the high quality and good price is the main reason for their popular.

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